Good Morning!

It’s a beautiful morning in my new house.  The sun is pouring past the birch tree into the dining room and our dog, Abby, is soaking it up.  Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz are rotating on Itunes.  I just cooked up eggs from the farm in Amish made butter.  The girls are off to school with smiles.  We are having family and friends over for the housewarming this weekend.  I visited with my Grandmother, next door, after I put the girls on the bus this morning.  Spoke with my Mom this morning.  Have all the fabric out to finish Blondie’s quilt.  It’s quiet here.

I cannot imagine how this life has happened to me.  It seems that it is impossible that it was just in May that my husband and I finally split our lives apart.  I never imagined ten years ago, September 13th that this would be where we would be.  There are very, very good reasons why we are not together anymore which I will leave out of this.  As much as I mourn the past and the failure of my marriage. I can’t believe that I am finally living the life I have only been dreaming of.  

It’s not perfect and there is still a lot to be worked out, but my house looks like the home I had been envisioning.  I am doing the things I love and I am learning to feel confident in myself again.

The doubts and confusion and depression dip in now and again and sometimes I feel lost, but it is getting better everyday.

I have of course been documenting a visual of the house coming together, but cannot find the cord to the camera to upload the photos, so they will have to come.  In the meantime, I cannot post without a picture so here we are.  Two of my favorite photos of my girls from this summer.



I finally gave up with Typepad after two frustrating weeks of being unable to log in, so here is my new WordPress blog.  I hope my old friends will still join me here.

So it’s a good day, shake off the blues and immerse myself in what this home and this blog are about which is simplicity, creativity, peace and love.


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One response to “Good Morning!

  1. syd

    Yay you, what a journey. I am so happy to be following along. xo.

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