These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Just a few…..



The ocarinas my mom and sister put in the easter egg hunt this year.  They were made in Guatemala and bought at the Village Imports fair trade store.  We love that place!


Twinings English Breakfast tea in my Department of International Magical Cooperation mug.  Yes, I am a Harry Potter freak and not ashamed to admit it.



The mailbox I made for the girls yesterday, my first Cricut letters.  I have been wanting to make them one on a post outside, but in the meantime, this one works out of an old cereal box.  Think I will add a ribbon to hang it on the doorknob.



The artwork for my new kitchen….can you say IKEA frames and Martha Stewart Living magazines.



Chocolate fudgey brownies with and without nuts.  I ate four today.  Bad girl!


It’s all about what I love these days!  Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs and love!


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