Preparing to Sew

So……I have this little dream that’s been going on in the back of my brain.  It’s been niggling at me for years and years.  Let’s have a go.

There are several goals I set for myself coming out of my marriage.  Start eating healthy and more naturally using local suppliers.  BIG OLD CHECK!  Hurray, let’s celebrate actually doing something.


The second part was to start creating again and possibly sell some of my handiwork.  After a couple months now of perusing way too many (can you say blogging is a time void) blogs of some amazing craftspeople, I feel ready to give it a try.

Starting over again can really put your mind on how to budget… oh yeah big time with no child support coming  in or facilitated yet.  So, I have started making a lot of the things I’ve been wanting for myself.  In fact, I’m having a really hard time spending money anymore on anything that’s imported and poorly made.

I’m about to finish the girls quilts and pillowcases.  Working on some small rugs for the animals and perhaps a cat bed for Annabelle.

So here we go.  I toted out the fabric bins full of lovingly selected fabric that has been sitting in storage the past seven years and bought a few fillers and am starting the creative process.  As I finish this I will be pulling out the last batch to fold and iron.

I lost a lot of myself the last five years.  Creating puts me back in touch with my nature and helps me feel that I can do something well. 

Instead of thinking about how things didn’t work out or what the hell am I going to do next, I have something to fill my day.

Unfortunately, soon I will have to return to work, but in the meantime I am not going to waste the time I have.

I will keep you posted my dear blogging friends on my progress good or might, mighty bad.  

Thanks for being my sounding board and hoping you all have something in  your life that clears your mind and makes you feel worthwhile.


Dream Begun……hugs and love!

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  1. Dan

    I’ve had a dream of making a patchwork quilt out of all my kids baby clothes for a while now. Unfortunatly I don’t have the skill to even start such a venture. I admire anyone who does though. Good luck with the crafting!

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