Charging Clydesdales, Colonial Jigs and a Crown

It’s been a packed weekend already, so we are just vegging out this morning.

Probably the most boring post in the world, but my family reads, so here is an update of what we’ve been doing.

We took over an apple cake to our neighbors, Scott and Betsy at the farm across the road.  They are the ones responsible for the amazing scene we see out our window each day and thought it would be nice to make friends…and who doesn’t like friends with cake?

They showed us the farm.  They have Clydesdales, donkeys, Thoroughbreds, miniature ponies, two sheep and I think they are up to six goats.  I think a rooster is hiding off somewhere because I’ve heard it a few mornings.  Oh and lots and lots of cats.  The barnyards best friend.

They’ve been recently taking in animals that others can’t afford to keep at this time (damn economy) which puts them high in my books.  It was a very nice visit.

Well, then we came home yesterday and Abby, (our canine) has torn right out of  her halter and hightailed it and there are these gigantic holes in the yard.  Aliens?  Bigfoot?  Nope, one of the Clydesdales broke free and in its confusion ran across the road to our yard, probably scaring the $#*# out of Abby and leaving all these craters in the lawn.  Those are some gigantic hooves, let me tell you.  So, last night Abby lay next to me asleep twitching and moaning and I can only imagine she was dreaming of gigantic equine terrors.

Yesterday we went to historic Elk Landing to the Home and Hearth festival.  I, of course, forgot my camera, so no pictures, but a great time was had and it was a wonderful reminder for me to slow down.  The girls made a barrel with the Cooper, we watched a woman spin wool on an amazing 200 year old spinning wheel, ogled the blacksmith and Blondie and I danced a colonial jig with the acting troupe.  

You know when you watch all those Jane Austeny movies and they are always doing those fantastically regal group dances.  Yeah, we were doing those, and being so alike, Blondie and I were having a blast.

So at about 2pm we went to Burger King (blast out of the past, into the world of convenience) and got lunch.  Remember Burger King crowns?

We don’t go to Burger King very often, but I asked and they still have them.  We started a flux of crown requests and the girls wore theirs the rest of the evening.  Simple gifts.

Needless to say, I didn’t get very much sewing done.  Guess that will be on the agenda today.

Thanks for reading my ramblings….hugs and love!


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