10 Truths About Baking

  1. Pure vanilla extract is worth the money. (Also, everyone tries it once and finds it tastes nothing like it smells, which is pure heaven).
  2. A dishtowel under your mixing bowl saves a lot of frustration.
  3. The butter really should be softened.
  4. Sometimes leaving an ingredient out is okay, sometimes, okay, it’s really not at all.
  5. Putting your hands in a cool flour mixture is the softest feeling in the world.
  6. Fresh lemon juice is better than bottled.
  7. Never multitask when you bake unless you have a REALLY LOUD timer.
  8. Your kids will always, always cover themselves in chocolate when they lick the bowl.
  9. When baking something for a school, church, important function you will always find at the last minute you are missing something you need.
  10. Licking the bowl and eating the leftover pieces are NO CALORIES (all right, not really).

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