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Favorite Friday…

Wow, it’s Friday already.  And it’s Halloween, so Happy Halloween, or Harvest Day or whatever you call it.

Thursday slipped by with nary a post.  Good reasons though, sewing and cleaning.  Yes, even us blogaholics have to peel ourselves away from our blogs, flickrs, twitters, and various social networks and take care of the business around the house.  Though it’s not nearly as fun.


Though sewing yesterday was fun,  here’s what I’m working on.

Christmas Apron


Dolly Quilt

I’m handstitching the butterflies and borders so this one will be a little while, but it’s so therapuetic. 


So Favorite Things Friday, here we go.  I insisted that I was going to buy Etsy handmade or make all my gifts this year.  So noble, so worthwhile, so anti-commercial.  THEN, this comes, the Hearthsong catalog.



You are not helping my cause with beautiful, amazing, toys and games like these and $4.99 shipping.  Okay, maybe just one each.

Check them out.







And if you are toy shopping online this year, here are my recommendations for creative, safe and thoroughly enjoyable toys.

Fat Brain Toys, free shipping on orders over $75.00.

Oompa Toys, $4.95 shipping, or over $65.00 free shipping.

Three Sisters Toys, $5.00 flat rate shipping.

Blueberry Forest Toys

Barefoot Books

Chinaberry Books and Gifts

Landbridge Toys Thanks, Melissa!




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Wordless Wednesday- Bought A Lot of Giant Cabbage


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Voting With Kids?

Going to try not to get too partisan with this post, but had a question for all you moms and dads out there.

Are your kids following the election and will you take them with you to vote?

Though I have voted in every election since I was registered, this year I have paid particuliar attention to what’s being done and said and Em’s has been right there with me.

We’ve talked about why we have elections, why they are important and how the voting system works.  Last year at school they voted by ballot for different foods and this year she logged in and voted on Nickelodeon for their kids vote campaign.  Can’t tell you how excited she was when her candidate won that vote.

She watched the beginning of a couple of debates, making seven year old comments like, “John McCain is so old he looks like he could die before he becomes president”.  Okay, so she doesn’t get the details yet.

But here’s the funny part.  She’s seven.  She’s in second grade, and they are talking about who they would vote for, who their parents might vote for and who they think is best.  So, I had to warn her that politics might not make the best of school conversations, but I’m excited that she’s excited.

She’s asked to come vote with me and she has in the past, so this year I’m taking them both.  I may regret this as I stand in line at the firehouse with two girls who DO NOT like standing in line, but I think it’s important they know I am doing it.


My cousin today said her son who is about to turn thirteen is also paying attention and is fighting hard for a third party.  My girls are not old enough to know about the flaws in the system, the campaign promises not kept, the amount of money invested by lobbyists, and the votes not always counted.

But I’ll keep them innocent for now, for as long as possible, because IF we really are going to make change, let’s do it now before our children become cynical as well and so that they may have better choices. Because that’s what we do everyday.  We make decisions on what food we buy them, what toys they play with, what schools they go to, who they can play with, what television shows/movies they can watch, when they go to bed. 

I know that neither of these candidates is going to change the world and they themselves will not be making the decisions.  Can you say cabinet, lobbyists, congress?

But let’s give the best thing we can to our children.  A view of the world where they see that even if our leader can’t change the world.  Our actions and decisions we make each day can.


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My First Guest Post, 10 Things I Would Tell My Second Husband

Ooh, great big thanks to Tyler, over at Building Camelot, for hosting my first ever guest blog post.  What a thrill and I saved an issue very close to my heart.

Oh no, you’ll have to go over there to see it, it’s right HERE, and while you’re there check out the other wonderful things Tyler has to say.

Thanks to all my wonderful blog friends (and my family) for taking the time to read what I have to say.  It’s cheaper than therapy and might just save my Mom from having to hear it all, but probably not.

And because Tyler has been such a huge supporter, and just because he’s a superb all around guy and writer, visit him on Twitter here, his blog site here, and suscribe to his RSS feed here.

P.S. Methinks also we should say thank you to Tyler’s wife and children for sharing him with us, along with our own families who might not quite understand what this is we are doing and why it is quite so important.


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Life With Kids

The first fall mug of cocoa.  Left out all night and found the next morning.


More fun ideas for pictures of life with kids….go see Building Camelot, who started this fun.

More of my set here, at Flickr.

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Favorite Things Friday

Lots to do today, so here is a quick post of three of my favorite things this week.  At our newly expanded grocery the first 3-4 aisles are dedicated to organics, including a dairy and freezer case aisle, so you know that this is making me incredibly happy, especially as winter is setting in.

Here are three NEW finds this week in the organic section that the girls are loving:


Monkey Brains Strawberry Oatmeal

So, your marketing worked, the name grabbed me along with that snarly little monkey on the top.  I’m not sure quite why he’s so angry, but he’s darn cute, for a monkey.

Ingredients list:  Organic rolled oats, organic evaporated cane juice, strawberry, dried strawberry, nutraflora (prebiotic), natural flavoring and coloring.


Girls Approval:  Thumbs Up, eaten two days in a row.


Nature’s Path Organic Frosted Raspberry Toaster Pastries

The girls always beg me for Pop Tarts, and first of all they are a crap dessert disguised as breakfast if you ask me, and second of all I think they taste like cardboard.   Lucky enough to find these and Em’s was overjoyed she got “PopTarts”.

Ingredient List: Organic wheat flour, organic evaporated cane juice, organic evaporated cane juice invert, organic palm oil, organic resperries, organice apples, (okay, just put organic in front of everything, tired of  typing it), wheat gluten, corn starch, dextrose, sea salt, baking soda, cream of tartar, rice starch, raspberry flavor, honey, molasses, rice bran extract, malic acid, vanilla, citric acid, algin, sodium citrate, monocalcium phosphate, whey protein concentrate, colored with betalins, paprika extract from plants.

Website:, oh and they are listed in the snack section, not breakfast 🙂

Girls Approval:  Em’s loved them, three times as a snack this week.  Boo, not interested.


R.W. Knudsen Family Organic Apple Juice

Em’s had one of these little drink boxes with her lunch at Panera and exclaimed it was the “best apple juice I’ve ever had”.  Found some at the store.  Know I could do better than individual size packaging, but have you seen the price of SIGG bottles?, not in my budget yet.

Ingredients List: filtered water (sufficient to reconstitute), organic apple juice concentrate, calcium lactate, ascorbic acid (vitamin C).


Girls Approval:  Thumbs up to Apple and Razzleberry, Thumbs Down to Lemonade.


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Money Well Spent?

According to, Barack Obama and John McCain have raised over 920 MILLION dollars for their presidential campaigns.  Oh, and I’m no researcher, I just looked where the little green bars were over and added the two together, so it’s not completely accurate.

920 MILLION dollars, combined.

Do you know anyone who could use that?  How many children do you think are going to go to bed tonight hungry or with no home?

I hate politics.

I think I’m going to go throw up now and then I’m going to find the best charities to children and donate to them this year.  Then I’m going to write letters to the officials.  Will do no good, but I  will feel better.  

If you know of any great charities that contribute the majority of their money to children’s needs, leave me a comment.  I’ll post a follow up for everyone. 

920 million……..


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