Life With Kids-Week Two

These pictures go together.  

Pulled up remaining two trash bags of stuffed animals from the basement yet unpacked from the move.

Asked children to sort through and donate/sell what they didn’t want anymore and what they wanted to keep.

Should you leave these decisions in their hands?






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4 responses to “Life With Kids-Week Two

  1. I’m surprised that your kids actually made a decision! Mine would have been sidetracked 5 minutes into it and we never would have been able to get anything done. Nice pictures!

  2. LOL….been there, done that!

  3. So Snoopy and Woodstock are out? Keep them anyway … all the Peanuts holiday specials should be out soon … remember the Thanksgiving one where Woodstock and Snoopy save Charlie Brown’s disastrous dinner by serving toast and popcorn?????

  4. underthebigbluesky

    I know, I’m just as bad, I couldn’t let go of Snoopy and Woodstock so we still have them all.

    I forgot about the Thanksgiving one.

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