Just call me snarky…

Don’t know what’s gotten into me this week, but need to rant a little more, so thanks blog crowd for putting up with my general snarkiness….

Hey, see me.  Uh-huh.  This girl, the one with the short hair and the fabric all over the place.  The one with the simple, natural home.  The one with a sewing fever and a few sales under her belt.  The one that laughs with her children and snuggles them in bed in the morning, the one who hauled the 55lb dog back and forth to the vet, makes sure the homework is done, feeds the kids well-balanced dinners and still manages to stay somewhat sane.  The one who is loving spending incredible moments with her family, who is enjoying the peace of a home where the tv does not blast 24/7.  Yeah, I’m here, the one who held her daughters hand during the lab tests, x-rays and nights spent up late crying.  The one who signs the report cards, is learning to knit and finding that good music does exist along with dozens of online friends and mentors.  This girl, yep, this one right here, who does not cry so much anymore.  The one who holds her head up and thinks she might actually be successful. The one with money in the bank and some to spend.  The one who doesn’t give a damn anymore that there is no man in the house. The one who plays her music loud and dances around the kitchen and drinks tea and reads to her girls and sews and sews and sews.  The one you said who would fall flat on her face without you.

This blog is dedicated to you.  Thanks for the freedom.



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3 responses to “Just call me snarky…

  1. CP

    Awesome. And awe-inspiring.

  2. syd

    Oh honey, you go girl. If that’s snarky, I say GO for it. You rock.

  3. Reesey

    They say living well is the best revenge.

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