Life With Kids-Em’s

Have you started doing this yet?  No, well you really should.  Blast me, I used the playdough pictures I had chosen for today’s post in my Simplicity of Play post, so back to iphoto to see what other goodies I’ve captured lately and here we go.  Want to join the fun.  Read the original idea post over at Building Camelot.


Em’s is reading now.  And reading, and reading, and reading.  She is blowing through Chapter books faster than we can get to the library.  Yesterday, I found three books throughout the house that’s she’s currently reading, including this, Because Of Winn-Dixie, one of our favorite books ever, this is her third time reading it.


She also found this Oreo, with the cookie placed on backwards giving her a nice imprint when she pulled it apart.  She wanted a picture of it before she and Boo had a race to see who could lick the cream off the center fastest, NO TEETH!  Anyone else have cups of milk with floating chocolate crumbs in it.

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  1. syd

    We loved this book! The same author wrote another book… I’ll have to look up the title… but we have loved all of them so far. Joy is doing the same things, devouring chapter books like, well, like Oreos. 🙂 I love it!

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