Em’s Letter to The Tooth Fairy

Sometimes I feel like my heart will explode out of my body.




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7 responses to “Em’s Letter to The Tooth Fairy

  1. Omigosh, that is the cutest tooth fairy note ever!!!

  2. Great letter. Please tell the Tooth Fairy that I think it would be awesome too if Emily got to keep her tooth.


  3. Oh man, keep that one forever!

  4. Yeah, that might be the cutest thing ever. Maybe the tooth fairy can bring her one of those cute little ceramic hinged boxes that people collect for her tooth! And each time she loses one, the tooth fairy brings a new little box.

  5. Too cute.

    Did the tooth fairy send a reply? Like, ‘I don’t make the rules, and ifI don’t keep up with the governments baby ivory targets I’ll be fired’

  6. oh… my goodness! How adorable is that?! I LOVE it! Don’t you just wish they could stay that little for ever sometimes?

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