Money Well Spent?

According to, Barack Obama and John McCain have raised over 920 MILLION dollars for their presidential campaigns.  Oh, and I’m no researcher, I just looked where the little green bars were over and added the two together, so it’s not completely accurate.

920 MILLION dollars, combined.

Do you know anyone who could use that?  How many children do you think are going to go to bed tonight hungry or with no home?

I hate politics.

I think I’m going to go throw up now and then I’m going to find the best charities to children and donate to them this year.  Then I’m going to write letters to the officials.  Will do no good, but I  will feel better.  

If you know of any great charities that contribute the majority of their money to children’s needs, leave me a comment.  I’ll post a follow up for everyone. 

920 million……..



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3 responses to “Money Well Spent?

  1. that is such a ridiculous number… i agree, total waste. at least we know from the get go what maters most to politicians.

  2. I hear you! So much money out there being spent in curious ways. I live in Silicon Valley, and know plenty of people with 10s or even 100s or millions of dollars. Who needs that much cash? My neighbor down the street owns a Jeep, a BMW, a Harley, a Vespa, and he just bought a convertible smart car from Mercedes. How many things can he drive at once!? Um, one…

  3. I know. It is awful. Especially reading about how much the Republicans spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. I understand the need for a campaign to some extent, but even if I was the biggest republican supporter and had money to spare that I had donated to the party, I would be upset if they had spent it on clothes for Palin.

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