Favorite Things Friday

Lots to do today, so here is a quick post of three of my favorite things this week.  At our newly expanded grocery the first 3-4 aisles are dedicated to organics, including a dairy and freezer case aisle, so you know that this is making me incredibly happy, especially as winter is setting in.

Here are three NEW finds this week in the organic section that the girls are loving:


Monkey Brains Strawberry Oatmeal

So, your marketing worked, the name grabbed me along with that snarly little monkey on the top.  I’m not sure quite why he’s so angry, but he’s darn cute, for a monkey.

Ingredients list:  Organic rolled oats, organic evaporated cane juice, strawberry, dried strawberry, nutraflora (prebiotic), natural flavoring and coloring.

Website: Monkey-brains.com

Girls Approval:  Thumbs Up, eaten two days in a row.


Nature’s Path Organic Frosted Raspberry Toaster Pastries

The girls always beg me for Pop Tarts, and first of all they are a crap dessert disguised as breakfast if you ask me, and second of all I think they taste like cardboard.   Lucky enough to find these and Em’s was overjoyed she got “PopTarts”.

Ingredient List: Organic wheat flour, organic evaporated cane juice, organic evaporated cane juice invert, organic palm oil, organic resperries, organice apples, (okay, just put organic in front of everything, tired of  typing it), wheat gluten, corn starch, dextrose, sea salt, baking soda, cream of tartar, rice starch, raspberry flavor, honey, molasses, rice bran extract, malic acid, vanilla, citric acid, algin, sodium citrate, monocalcium phosphate, whey protein concentrate, colored with betalins, paprika extract from plants.

Website: Naturespath.com, oh and they are listed in the snack section, not breakfast 🙂

Girls Approval:  Em’s loved them, three times as a snack this week.  Boo, not interested.


R.W. Knudsen Family Organic Apple Juice

Em’s had one of these little drink boxes with her lunch at Panera and exclaimed it was the “best apple juice I’ve ever had”.  Found some at the store.  Know I could do better than individual size packaging, but have you seen the price of SIGG bottles?, not in my budget yet.

Ingredients List: filtered water (sufficient to reconstitute), organic apple juice concentrate, calcium lactate, ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Website: Knudsenjuices.com

Girls Approval:  Thumbs up to Apple and Razzleberry, Thumbs Down to Lemonade.



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3 responses to “Favorite Things Friday

  1. Ooo. Monkey Brains! My girls have tried the other two products, but not the Monkey Brains yet.

    I’ll have to add that to our next grocery list. They just love it when I give their food has “gross names.” I can hear them already, “Hey mom! We’re eating monkey brains!”

  2. Ooohhhh, wish we had those here.

    Still getting veggies from my garden.

    I have enough kale to get the whole of England through the winter!

  3. my kids LOVE those wanna be pop tarts! (I do too, don’t tell them it’s mommy who steals them for a midnight snack!) i wish our grocery store had an organic section *pouting*

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