My First Guest Post, 10 Things I Would Tell My Second Husband

Ooh, great big thanks to Tyler, over at Building Camelot, for hosting my first ever guest blog post.  What a thrill and I saved an issue very close to my heart.

Oh no, you’ll have to go over there to see it, it’s right HERE, and while you’re there check out the other wonderful things Tyler has to say.

Thanks to all my wonderful blog friends (and my family) for taking the time to read what I have to say.  It’s cheaper than therapy and might just save my Mom from having to hear it all, but probably not.

And because Tyler has been such a huge supporter, and just because he’s a superb all around guy and writer, visit him on Twitter here, his blog site here, and suscribe to his RSS feed here.

P.S. Methinks also we should say thank you to Tyler’s wife and children for sharing him with us, along with our own families who might not quite understand what this is we are doing and why it is quite so important.



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3 responses to “My First Guest Post, 10 Things I Would Tell My Second Husband

  1. on my way over to read the guest post, wanted to say hello.

    yeah my hubby sees no reason to blog, i have said MANY times that it’s therapy, makes me sane. He seems to enjoy the aspect of me getting my “chatter” out on the net so when he gets home i am not talking his ear off 🙂

  2. You did an excellent job on your guest post. Well done!

  3. Jennifer, I loved the post so much, I wrote a short piece about it on my blog to spread the word. Nicely done! ~TC

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