Favorite Friday…

Wow, it’s Friday already.  And it’s Halloween, so Happy Halloween, or Harvest Day or whatever you call it.

Thursday slipped by with nary a post.  Good reasons though, sewing and cleaning.  Yes, even us blogaholics have to peel ourselves away from our blogs, flickrs, twitters, and various social networks and take care of the business around the house.  Though it’s not nearly as fun.


Though sewing yesterday was fun,  here’s what I’m working on.

Christmas Apron


Dolly Quilt

I’m handstitching the butterflies and borders so this one will be a little while, but it’s so therapuetic. 


So Favorite Things Friday, here we go.  I insisted that I was going to buy Etsy handmade or make all my gifts this year.  So noble, so worthwhile, so anti-commercial.  THEN, this comes, the Hearthsong catalog.



You are not helping my cause with beautiful, amazing, toys and games like these and $4.99 shipping.  Okay, maybe just one each.

Check them out.







And if you are toy shopping online this year, here are my recommendations for creative, safe and thoroughly enjoyable toys.

Fat Brain Toys, free shipping on orders over $75.00.

Oompa Toys, $4.95 shipping, or over $65.00 free shipping.

Three Sisters Toys, $5.00 flat rate shipping.

Blueberry Forest Toys

Barefoot Books

Chinaberry Books and Gifts

Landbridge Toys Thanks, Melissa!




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4 responses to “Favorite Friday…

  1. Oooh sewing! So much fun. Looks like you’re making some beautiful creations. 🙂

  2. i love your little Oaklings people!! so cute 🙂 i might have to hit you up for a few for my mini-munchkin. she’d love those!

    happy halloween!

  3. You are so clever. Wish I was that creative.

  4. Melissa

    Great suggestions!

    Could I also suggest a toy store I found called Landbridge Toys?



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