Life With Kids Monday

Rice.  Who knew right?

 Boo cannot spend more than ten minutes on one activity before she loses interest and moves onto something else, leaving behind a trail of devastation behind her. So yesterday Boo finds my 20 lb bag of rice.  Okay, I’m not into massive bulk buying ala the cabbage, the rice is for a project.  So I tell her I will put some in a tub for her to play with.  Imagining her sifting it through her hands, hiding and finding her toys. Hmmm, let’s see.   


Turns out Boo Boo wanted to get in the box and bury her hands and toes.  These are the before shots, I will spare you when she ran into the bathroom and back and jumped in completely NUDE.  Quickly, I assured her it would be best to keep her panties on.  Rice in those areas, uhh, no. So, I cleaned and she played and played and played, for almost TWO HOURS.  TWO HOURS.  A record for sweet Boo.  Rice in the belly button…definitely a winner. Rice down her panties, oh yeah.  Rice in her hair, for sure.  Mess on the dining room floor, uh huh.  But it all swept up in five minutes and she smelled all nice and grainy the rest of the day. You might remember this post I did, Simplicity of Play. Tell me now we need expensive fancy toys.

Santa could bring a 20 pound bag of rice.  Imagine that! 


Speaking of rice, have you visited

Go over and play when you have a minute.  

For every question you get right they donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program.

59,087,400 grains donated yesterday.  

Increase your vocabulary and fight poverty at the same time.




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9 responses to “Life With Kids Monday

  1. I think I may be off to get my 20lb. bag of rice, you got me at two hours of play! And at the end of the day it sounds like a great stress reliever for mom!

  2. impressive. i love when kids are entertained by simple things. it always makes me smile. currently my munchkins are excited about a paper cup they found in the back yard that they have been filling with dirt (they call it magic soup). dirt and a cup. a weeks worth of fun!

  3. I’d love to be able to come up with more simple things for my daughter to play with. It’s amazing what stores call “toys” these days. Maybe we should come up with & share simple things that parents can make for our kids.

  4. Two Hours?! SCORE! And yes simple is good with kids. The pictures look like she’s having a blast.

  5. Sort your own books! (I would have emailed you back, but I can’t find your email.)

    Rice is nice – what is the project?

  6. TWO HOURS? You are a genius! OK, I’m going to Coscto now and buying a big bag of the stuff…

  7. I tried this with tiny alphabet pasta….two kids….HUGE HUGE MESS….ended in time out. HOLY SMOKES!! 17 month old thought throwing it in handfuls was much more fun than just digging like his sister…It was a lovely thought.

  8. thedadjam

    This is great… other great ideas for natural things for children to play with… acorns (see my pictures of life with the kids entry), flour, polenta/cornmeal and lentils!

  9. That’s awesome…my boys attend Montessori school and one of the biggest hits in the toddler room is oatmeal. Just like you described, the kids are engrossed by it. Rice is probably easier to get in bulk though. Check out Montessori and Waldorf websites for lots of simple ideas for kids. Kids today are totally overstimultated by noisy flashy toys…the classics got to be classics for a reason!

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