Why do I blog?  Why do you blog?  I know why I do this.  It’s cheaper than therapy.  It satisfies my ego a little. It’s the only journal I’ve ever kept up.  It keeps my family in the loop.  Here’s the most important.

It makes me feel connected to all of you.  

Some of you I know well, ie:  Mommy, Grandmom, Karen, Calum, etc. Some of you I know a little, we are friends and we get together every now and then.  Some of you I have never met, but you feel like friends.

I am a single Mom.  WOW, you never guessed, ha! I have a five and seven year old daughter and an ex-husband who rarely follows through when he says he is going to spend time with them.  I am not exaggerating when I say I RARELY GO OUT.  Seriously, who has time? And when you do have some time, who wants to take the time to put on nice clothes, makeup, actually make sure your hair looks decent.  Umm, excuse me I have dates with books, movies and the occasional television show.

But my computer.  Well, it’s always here.  Yes, right here in the living room.  Where the kids are playing, where I can run over while cooking dinner, cleaning the house, doing laundry, OR, avoiding these things.

I can come visit with you after the kids are in bed and I have a quiet house and a glass of wine.  You make me feel like I’m not alone.  Like I’m (maybe) normal in a completely abnormal way.

You are a diverse bunch, let me tell you.  Much more diverse than I would find in my little town of 1700 rural folks.

You are married, you are single, you are Moms, you are Dads, you are sewing gurus, you cannot sew a button, you are a lawyer, a graphic artist, a farmer, a work at home mom, a stay at home mom, a stay at home dad.  Your kids are public schooled, private schooled, unschooled, homeschooled, earthschooled.  You live in England, in Australia, in Canada, in New York, in Vermont, in Arizona, in Washington, or heck, I don’t know where  you live.

You voted for McCain (ok, a few), you voted for Obama.  You are a gourmet, vegetarian, vegan. You have an Etsy shop, you love your kids, you are soooo funny I almost pee my pants, you make me think everyday about being a parent, you make me think about what it means to you to be a Christian, a Buddhist a Pagan.

When I feel overwhelmed I visit you.  Sometimes I comment, sometimes I don’t.  Sorry, married parents, but sometimes it hurts too much to read you and I read my single parent friends.  Sometimes single parents, your dating drives me crazy and I read my married friends.  Sometimes my creative gurus, your genius drives me crazy and I can barely read you, other times you give me inspiration.

The other night I put a blog post up that maybe a select few of you got to read before I took it back down.  I was angry and hurt and posted an angry entry about my ex and how he breaks my and my kids hearts.

I pulled it down, because as you know,  you shouldn’t blog emotionally angry or drunk, definitely not drunk, which Mommy, Grandmom, Karen and Calum, I WAS NOT.  I was angry and hurt.

BUT, a couple of you read it and sent me your sympathy and best wishes.  YOU have no idea what that did for me.  I was here, by myself at 10 p.m. but you supported me.  It made me cry, because you don’t know me, at least not personally.  To have your family support you is a wonderfully fantastic thing, but to have people you have never seen face to face support you in the face of a crisis is perhaps the most amazing thing that has ever filled my heart.

So, please keep reading me.  I know I’m all over the place, but that’s me. Do it because  I love reading you and I need you.  You keep me sane and if you ever think, like I sometimes do, why the hell am I doing this, remember I am reading and probably a lot of others are too.

I am hosting (sorry Dad’s) the Best of The Mommy Bloggers Carnival on November 18th, and I know there are a lot of you out there!!!!  So send me your best post from the last four weeks and I’ll put a link on here for all those in my little corner of the world to read.  Have added, oh, I don’t know how many more mama’s to follow this way. Send them to jistvan1 (at) yahoo (dot) com.  If  you missed the November 4th carnival, it’s over here at A Modern Mother.

I joined this nifty swap the other day over at Going Sew Crazy and couldn’t wait to get started AND I am so excited because my intended recipient is PERFECT for me.  I am so inspired.  I have never met her and she’s across the country from me, but I read her blog yesterday and can’t quite wait to ship this out to her.



Also, joined the Children’s Christmas Book swap over at Mommy Holly, because I am an absolute children’s book freak!  No kidding, would buy them even if I didn’t have kids. It’s open until November 14th.


This swap thing is new to me, but I love surprises (to give and receive) in the mailbox so I am sooo excited.  For more swaps, I recommend checking this site, Swapdex. But I found mine just by reading my blogroll.


Oh, yeah, and thanks for reading this, love and hugs 🙂



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17 responses to “Connections

  1. Finding you via Twitter was a wonderful gift. I’m sorry that I missed your post only because I assume it was straight from your heart with what you were feeling at that moment and I would have definitely commented and told you to hang in there.

  2. fantastic post… thank YOU!

  3. I LOVE this post!… With your blowing kisses. Precious.

    I hear you: that’s why I blog, too…. most of the time!

    And I have also taken down angry posts. I get it.

  4. Bex

    Goodness me! I love you! May I add you to my link list?
    What a great post…
    (*wanders off wondering why we haven’t “met” before???) XXxx

  5. What an amazing post. I think that just about sums up why we all bog!
    Love & Light,

  6. Wonderful post! Thanks. 🙂

  7. “Sorry, married parents, but sometimes it hurts too much to read you and I read my single parent friends.”

    I can totally relate! Being single has given me so much in terms of my own independence and self-esteem, but can be painful at times. I can’t help but feel a pang of envy now and again when my married girlfriends talk about their little nuclear families going on their family vacations together, or when they talk about what they can do with their double-incomes, i.e. remodeling their houses, having the little luxuries like eating out every day, buying clothing new vs. second-hand, etc…


    But, on the flip side, it can be wonderfully peaceful to be single. No arguments, disagreements over managing the finances, sharing the housework, out-of-sync libidos, or whatever… I certainly DON’T miss those things.

  8. Very special post. Thank you. 🙂

  9. This is a very sweet post and I love the pictures of you that you added. 🙂

  10. I sent you an email to join the mommy blogger celebration.

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  12. Not sure how I missed this one.

    It is one of your best.

    You really sum up one of the propellers of blogosphere.

    Weird, how we can all support each other without really knowing each other (or do we?!).

    Also, never said it but am very impressed you are a single mom!

  13. Thanks for hosting this carnival. I am so happy to find you! And I love the diversity of my readers and those I read on here. I could never meet these wonderful people in the real world. I am thankful for it every day.
    Off to read more of your posts.

  14. liferestarted

    I love this post! I think it is so true for so many of us. My brother said it best (after I threatened him with not blogging)…”If you don’t blog, you’ll go postal!”

    But truly blogging is so much about the connections!

  15. laurakim123

    This is a super cool post!!!

    And so so so true!!

    So blowing a kiss right back at you 🙂

  16. Thank you so much for hosting the carnival this time around. I really do appreciate it. Also, I love this post. It makes me feel all mushy inside and I can completely relate. Because I know people are reading and are inspired by what I write it allows me to continue to blog. And yes it is a lot cheaper than therapy.

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