creative saturday

i love the simple little things that spark our creativity, don’t you?  it’s so easy to overlook them.  there they are lurking under the chaos, under the frenzy of our everyday schedules. 

painting….the girls decided they wanted to paint popsicle sticks. no grandiose craft project involving lots of little pieces, just paint and sticks.  they turned out very colorful, think?  next, what to do with them?  any ideas crafty mamas?  perhaps colorful little roofs for a little spot of villas.





legos… (is the plural of lego, legos or legoes)?  to me lego escapes the plastic toy ban because they are just so open ended.

 watch out Krusty Krab crew, you might just slip and fall.



my guilty, simple pleasure.  magazines.  a few i still subscribe to, but i am blessed with a library magazine exchange, family who pass them on and of course ebay.  so a few years ago, i came up with the brilliant idea that instead of keeping them all, i would just cut out the pieces i wanted to save and file them away in notebooks.  probably would have been simpler to keep the magazines because now i have all these piles to sort and organize.  But hey, i’m a piler and a sorter, not so much an organizer though so this is what my dining room table looks like today.  we’re not going to talk about the multitude of creative ideas these pages bring that make my head feel like it’s going to explode because i can’t do them all at once.




find a simple creative pleasure this weekend and indulge yourself in it.  make it simple so you can really enjoy it.



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5 responses to “creative saturday

  1. Looks like a fun Saturday. Especially as wet as today was. We have the same journal. I fell for that pattern. 😉 Yes I like details.

  2. I passed along some love to you. You can pick it up here. 🙂

  3. you could take those Popsicle sticks and glue them around a flower pot (like a colorful picket fence) Could be cute 🙂

    i too pile and sort, never could get the organizing thing down. i save everything just to eventually throw it away, crazy…

    have a good sunday!

  4. I am totally a piler and a sorter but not an organizer as well! It’s seems like they should all go together, hm. Love the acorn images!

  5. The full moon in Taurus basically tells you to do the same thing: Simple, basic, creative, heartwarming activities. Looks like you did your homework and had a ton of fun!

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