Friday Favorites-Etsy

So I have become an absolute and utter Etsy addict.  And to make matters worse, I have passed on this addiction to my grandmother and sister as well.  Anything I do not have the stamina or ability to make is being bought there this year as it is Handmade Christmas.  

Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for you, my family reads this blog so I cannot post pictures of all these fantastic goodies, but I am going to link you to all the stores I have had a fantastic experience with, which is all of them.

I encourage everyone to support each other’s handmade endeavors rather than big overseas companies who seem to not care who they outsource their toys too at the expense of our wee ones.

I did cheat; however, and bought Em’s a digital camera.  No, not a grown up one.  But one from Vtech that had a really good rating.  See, she is always borrowing mine and I am just too afraid one day it’s going to, well, you know, bite the dust, literally.  But how can I not encourage her photographic endeavors.

Also, you should think about buying Fair Trade, which if you are going to buy items from overseas is the way to go.  Supporting people plying their trades halfway around the world with a decent salary is A-OK any day in my book.  We are lucky to have TWO Fair Trade stores less than an hour away Village Imports and 10,000 Villages.  Went this week and bought these nifty items.  











The elephant bag is my early Christmas present to myself.  Ssh, I don’t think the person getting the pouch reads the blog, but better not say just to be on the safe side.

Then, I got these lovely bottles for our spare change that I have been eyeing for so long now.  They come from mamaroots, linked here.  Loved them so much, I went back and bought the marble tower for the girls for the holiday.













Here is a list of  the other shops I have bought from, along with a few others that I have favorited, but not bought from.  I’ve also listed what their main focus is.  I have found these shopowners are the most kind, giving and customer friendly  people I have ever dealt with it.  Something you don’t see in the big stores anymore.

mamaroots-wooden toys

zoopri-vibrant tags and labels


beneath the rowan tree-natural toys

xo handworks-magnets, pendants

oh lime-pushpins, photos


bella sapone-soaps

simbiosis-bags and totes

essentials boutique-tags and embellishments

Hummingbird Studio Pottery-pottery

robotcandy-switchplates and coasters

belle & boo-prints

mamakopp-natural/waldorf toys

boygirlparty-paper goods and prints


Then, of course there’s my shop, UndertheBIGbluesky, which I have been growing day by day this week. If you feel so inclined, check it out here.  

Here’s a visual sneak peek.






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6 responses to “Friday Favorites-Etsy

  1. Nicole

    Oh how sweet of you to say such nice things and include my shop in your favorites – thank you so much! Have a great weekend ~ it may SNOW here! yikes!

  2. I love Etsy too. I want to have a Handmade Christmas, but I believe i is in the cards for next year. I’ll have to take some time and check some of your links out. 🙂

  3. Thanks for all the great links. I have some things to add to our Christmas purchase list. I’m planning on doing a buy handmade Christmas for most gifts this year and try to keep it more simple and buy fewer gifts.

  4. i love handmade goodies! your change jars have inspired me, i think i am going to make those once this crazy moving crapola is over. question… your bean bags, what can i use them for (dumb question, i know) i mean i know the kids can play games with them, i just wondered if you ad found any neat things besides the norm to do with them. 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for listing my shop; mamakopp, so wonderful of you to share our shops on your blog. Thank you!

  6. ahh- thanks so much for the feature and compliments- seeing the jars in action makes me so happy- well worth drinking all frapaccionos so I can recycle the jars, okay okay I really like fraps and knew something fun needed to be made! I hope you enjoy the marble tower- your beanbags are beautiful!

    many thanks-

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