Weekend Update & Monday Mraz to Get You Moving

What a weekend.  It blew through like a blistery arctic chill.  Oh and speaking of arctic chills.  It snowed this weekend.  Now, you must understand that:

 1. Here in my little part of Maryland, we are lucky if we see snow at Christmas, it usually comes around February and March.

2. My girls go absolutely banana cakes over those beautiful clumpy flakes raining down.  So they were in their primal happy place Saturday.









Sunday morning brought us a church visit.  Okay, a CHURCH visit.  Let me say again CHURCH VISIT.  Now, if you were to ask me what one of the top three things in this world that gets me on a rant and my teeth gnashing, you would be correct in saying. R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N.  I spent my formative years in the Episcopal church of which I can say nary a bad word.  It was a wonderful place to grow up in and any faith that allows women and gay leaders is A-OK in my book.  My issue is that I have this firm belief that there are as they say “many paths up to the mountain to God”, and I have extreme difficulty with practices that discredit others beliefs.logo-sub-opaque2

Now, I also have a spiritual need right now to connect with others who believe in the same things I do.  You know the kind you can reach out and touch.  So, the girls and I woke up this morning and started the endlessly annoying habit of Sunday morning getting ready for church.  I have to tell  you I almost gave up because really I could have been lazing about eating breakfast and reading your blogs.  But we made it and drove about a half hour away to our nearest Unitarian church.  I’m not going to go into Unitarian Universalism right now, but it was lovely, and the girls thought it was worth it as shown by the fact that when we were driving home I asked them what their favorite part was, “they give you bagels and cream cheese like hostesses” and what they didn’t like “…silence…”.  So we will be going back next week.

After church we drove down to Ronny’s to visit the Christmas trees.  Ronny’s is a garden store, but around this time it becomes CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND.  A veritable giant explosion of Christmas.  Actually, have to say this year it bugged me a little but the girls loved wandering around the trees and the animated villages and the trains and the giant plastic nativity sets.













But in midst of all of this, I have to say my favorite moment was Boo standing in the middle of it all breaking into Jason Mraz’s “i’m just a curbside prophet, got my hand in my pocket, waiting for my rocket to come”…..at least she didn’t sing the line from the live version that says “i’m a self-proclaimed bad motherf*&*&”. But, it is the better version, ’cause John Popper is on the harp in this version here, it will pick up  your Monday:



So now the girls are off to bed.  Since I didn’t get the sock, underwear and pyjama load of laundry done, Ems wore one of my shirts to bed.  Funny how it makes her seem so little and so big at the same time AND BooBoo, finally lost that front tooth that has been hanging around causing sooo much trouble lately. Now she can eat her Thanksgiving dinner pain free.  Notice they are still BOTH in my bed.















So I must finish my autobiography that is due to my lawyer on Tuesday in anticipation of our upcoming custody hearing in January.  “Explain your children’s eating habits including snacks”, “explain your daily schedule”, how much time during the week do your children spend with others and list who they are” and my favorite, “how many events such as movies, zoo’s etc do you take your children to a year”?  I am paraphrasing but these are truly real questions, so tell me, do you think I am an unworthy parent if I don’t make the appropriate amount of movie and zoo visits?  Can we substitute The Nutcracker?  and the Christmas Wonderland?


Nighty night all.  Hope your Monday doesn’t suck.





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7 responses to “Weekend Update & Monday Mraz to Get You Moving

  1. Sorry to hear about the autobiography! I haven’t had to do one yet, but I do have a visitation hearing coming up in December. Divorce is so very uncool!

    I am jealous about the snow, Minnesota isn’t overly snowy, but it’s cold so I’m getting antsy for it to at least stick around!

  2. My girls love the snow too, we had a dusting on Saturday morning but not enough to build a snow man.

    Wow, must be hard being judged like that by what you write and by people you don’t know. It would put me on edge. Hang in there!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your custody issues. Listen, I can somewhat relate as I have been dealing with them since my little girl was born, almost six years now. It feels like a heart attack in the making, during the process. Her dad was always filing some kind of motion, there for a while, dragging me back to court. I hate the whole family court process. But, it has eased up over the years. Yours will too, someday. 🙂

  4. Love the winter photos! Already my Monday doesn’t suck. Thanks! (We get no snow where I live in Cali.)

  5. Girl I love that you love Jason Mraz. 🙂 I love popping over here and getting a little fix. I need to look at his concert schedule and see if he comes around here any time soon.

    That is great that you found a church that is so far so good. I hope it works out for all of you.

  6. We are scheduled to get a major storm for Thanksgiving, so thanks for the preview. Your lawyer sounds really on top of things so that’s good! He/She’s gonna make you look even better than you really are!

  7. Jason Mraz video playing in the background while I type. THANKS FOR THAT! sounds like you guys had a nice sunday, i look forward to finding a place to belong eventually. hope you have a great turkey day!!

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