Thanks Done, Now The Giving

Where are you giving this year?  The girls and I have chosen a very special organization to empty our “Give” jar for.  Here’s a little about them.  We are making a rather small donation this year, but hope that with employment next year, we can sponsor a child.  Please peruse the SOS Children’s Villages-USA Blog or visit one of the links below.


SOS Children’s Villages    


We build families for children in need.                                                 
We help them shape their own futures. 
We share in the development of their communities. 

I cannot say enough about this wonderful organization and in all honesty cannot even remember how I found them.  SOS creates family centered villages for orphaned children in 132 countries and territories.



I could write about them forever, but I’ll just give you a few snippets and links and if interested you can explore them further.  

SOS Children’s Villages offers a new home for children who cannot grow up in their biological family or who are either unlikely or unable to return to their families. The SOS Children’s Village model is now in place in over 130 countries. This form of care is providing a family-based environment for the children. 

Their care model is based on four elements: 

The Mother/Parent

The SOS mother is the emotional reference point for the children. She lives with the children that have been placed in her care (an average of five to seven children) as a family member. She shapes the family’s daily life with the children and forms reliable and stable relationships with them. People who decide to live with the children receive intensive specialist training. The SOS mothers are supported in their work, which entails many responsibilities, by education specialists and family assistants, as well as other women who are still training to become SOS mothers. More than 5,000 women across the world work in this profession. In some countries it is also possible for SOS couples or fathers to care for an SOS family.

Brothers And Sisters 

Boys and girls of different ages grow up together as siblings in SOS families. Biological siblings are not separated when they come to the village, which means that larger groups of siblings can also stay together. Children up to the age of ten are taken into the village, but an exception is made if some members of a group of siblings are over the age of ten.

The House

Each SOS family lives in its own house, which the family can organise and fit out according to needs and as they wish. There are now also SOS Children’s Villages that are located within housing areas in the city, such as in Austria, Germany, France, Morocco and the USA. 

The Village

Each SOS Children’s Village consists of an average of ten to 15 family houses. Many villages also include a kindergarten that is also open to children from the surrounding communities. SOS Children’s Villages are open spaces. We place a strong emphasis on the integration of the children into their surrounding environment, as well as on their exchange and contact with neighbouring communities. Family strengthening programmes and other social services for families and children in need are an integral part of the activities of SOS Children’s Villages in many locations. 


For more information visit the SOS Children’s Villages website, visit the blogs organized by the village leaders in Uganda, Growing Family Trees,  and in Kenya, Sowing Seeds For The Future, be warmed by the Story of the Week,  or touched by the Gallery of the Month.






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5 responses to “Thanks Done, Now The Giving

  1. Hi Jen, I’ve just tagged you! Details are on my blog.

  2. Looks like a very worthwhile charity. Good for you. 🙂 And a very happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Hi Jennifer! My son Logan is Emily’s swap buddy! I just wanted to tell you that her package is almost all ready to send out! I had so much fun buying for her, as I have all boys! There is a ton of cute stuff out there for girls!

  4. What a good idea, we should be giving this year with the girls…

  5. I love your idea. We have so much to be thankful for. Let’s put our wallet where our mouth is. We say we are thankful, but do we give anything in return. Awesome post!

    An Arkie’s Musings

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