Crazy, Why Yes I Am, Thank You

So I offically am employed again. After six months relatively at home while the separation and move settled down, I have a new job.

I have done many things.  I have earned many dollars.  Right now I am very happy to be a teller at one of our local Credit Unions.

I have a Monday-Friday workweek.  I have off every Saturday, Sunday and Federal holiday.  I do not have to work oodles of overtime to do my daily job responsibilities.  I will probably not have to attend conference calls to talk about teambuilding, value added service and guess which of the fatcats are going to jump ship first.  I will have a 15 minute commute versus 45 to 90 minutes previously.

This makes me happy, and as our pastor told us this morning.  It is not the work we do to earn money that defines who we are, it is how we do it and what other things this income allows us to do with our lives.

I would love to be a full-time stay at home mama, but really I look forward to a little bit of adult company.

And to celebrate, here comes the crazy part, I started a second blog because:

a.  i do not have enough on my plate to do.

b. i am a glutton for punishment.

c. i had too many ideas for friday favorites.

d.  everyone deserves one place to go to find inspirational, good things, without having to listen to my whining.

d.  I miss Blogger just a little, but don’t want to move again.

So Mygoodness was born.  Check it out, (as if you too don’t already have a reader that pushes the boundaries of the time-space continium).  I promise you it’s a quick read.



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6 responses to “Crazy, Why Yes I Am, Thank You

  1. This is me exactly one year ago! (Almost to the day!) Hooray for new jobs!

    We even have a lot of the same perks: M-F, short commute (mine’s just 2 miles), guaranteed weekends and holidays off…you gotta love it.

    OK, so I have to work on Columbus Day. And MLK Day.

    But I get to wear jeans. 😛


  2. Congrats on your first single mom job!

  3. Congratulations on your job! A brand new endeavor for a brand new year… Things seem to be on the upswing, don’t they? Best of luck! 🙂

  4. laurakim123

    Congrats on the job 🙂 Very cool way to start the year!

  5. way to go workin’ mama! And what a great deal, weekends and holidays with your girls. that’s good. I hope it all works out. And I’ll head on over to the new blog in a sec. 🙂 By the way, the turkey header is cute.

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