Understanding High School Musical

1st:  I detest High School Musical.  107710_D_0090r2

It makes me cringe.  Seriously, my shoulders go way up over my head and I feel like I might barf just hearing it because I stay out of the room when the girls are watching it.

Wondering if there were movies like this that drove my mother crazy, but then that was back before VCR’s let alone DVD’s so I guess not.



So, I am trying to understand 1. How it infiltrated my house? and 2.  Why my five and seven year olds are so fascinated by it.

So I asked.  Right, go to the source.  So I asked the five year old:

Me: Who’s your favorite person in High School Musical?

Boo: Sharpay.  (Thank you IMDB for the spelling, don’t hold it against me).

Me:  Why?

Boo: She’s popular and she’s fancy.

Me:  Who else is there?

Boo:  Gabriella, she’s the sweet one.

Me: And….

Boo: Troy, he plays basketball. Then there’s Matt, he plays basketball too and he’s cool, and Ryan, he is cool and helps Sharpay.

Me:  Is there anyone else?

Boo: Taylor, she’s popular and she helps Gabriella.  She’s sweet too.

Me:  So why do you like it so much?

Boo:  It’s all cool.

Not getting much of anywhere I asked Ems, the seven year old, she just rolled her eyes at me.





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3 responses to “Understanding High School Musical

  1. Oh no, tell me the HSM thing doesn’t strike as young as 5! My daughter’s 2.5 so I’m sure it’ll be long gone before she takes notice… and replaced by the next nauseating trend. 🙂

  2. that’s why us moms blog, so we can feel cool again 🙂

    as far as high school musical. i have never seen any of them (aren’t there 3 or 4?) my kids have never seen them. no one really seems interested with it (THANK GOD!)

    let me know when you uncover why it is so neato to kids these days, i would love to have the inside edge when my kids finally want to see it.

  3. It was bound to happen. I got to experience HSM when I was staying with my sister over the summer. Her boys 9 and 11 both were into it. They sang along with all the songs. I’m glad my daughter doesn’t know that one yet, other than the title.

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