Small Town Christmas Parade

Two girls, a mama, a grandmama, a thermos full of hot chocolate, and an hour and a half of cold.  Small town life at it’s best.


Fire trucks.


 Heritage Society does A Christmas Carol


The Em’ster.




Historic Cars




The Kibbles and Kids 4-H club.



See that man in that truck?  Behind the dark glass pulling the Sons of Confederates, that’s  my  Grandpa.  Much waving.


More fire engines.


There’s a reason the horses come last, I tell the kids.



And what makes all the cold and the waiting worthwhile….SANTA!




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5 responses to “Small Town Christmas Parade

  1. How fun! We have a small town Christmas parade here as well.

    My daughter is in Girl Scouts this year (as a Daisy) and I didn’t find out that the Girls Scouts have their own “float” that they ride, in until just yesterday, and the parade was last night! However, she is with her father this weekend and did not get to participate with the rest of the GS troops.

    Well, I guess there’s always next year!

  2. A VERY good reason the horses go last. 😉 I always hated when the order was screwed with. I used to be in marching band and thus in all of our town’s parades. Oh how I hated when they OPENED with horses. *ick*

  3. Oh, stop. You’re making me homesick.

    We had a small town parade in La Jolla. The girls’ preschool used to get Clydesdale horses and they’d ride in a buggy.

    Loved the hot cocoa photo!

    Freezing cold here. Jack Frost left his mark this morning and it never thawed. Just white all over the garden.


  4. Aly

    Beautiful pictures. Santa’s got a nice ride there! Ours rides on one of the fire trucks and he sure went by fast this year. You would have thought he was in a hurry to visit a cute elf — he just flew down the parade route.

  5. Small Town parades are so great. They have the intimate feeling that can’t be beat. That’s how I feel anyway.

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