100th Post

I feel like there should be fanfare.  Maybe confetti.  Some horns.  Or like that maybe I would think I had something to say.  I mean it is my 100th post.  100th Post?!?!

Do I really have that much to say?  Sometimes, apparently not today.

Maybe, the tea hasn’t kicked in yet?  Maybe it’s the line of laundry upstairs calling to me.  Maybe it’s my last Etsy order to finish.  Maybe it’s the house that is midway through Holiday dressing.  Maybe it’s the last bit of Christmas presents to make.  Maybe it’s my mind on going back to work tomorrow.

Maybe it’s just not the time to be still.  Maybe, right now, is a time of action.

I’ll take it.  It doesn’t happen all that often.  

So ta ta for now, I’m off to do laundry, to do Christmas, to make sure the girls haven’t destroyed the upstairs.

It’s a lovely thing.

Be back soon.

Oh, and wonder when I’ll hit 100 over here at Mygoodness.



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5 responses to “100th Post

  1. Blowing my noise maker here for you. Congrats! Enjoy the motivation and if you get a chance send me some…please. 😉

  2. Aly

    Don’t forget the sparklers! Those are great for big celebrations. Congrats!

  3. Congrats!

    So does it feel different?

    More grown up? Older?

  4. Congrats on the 100th post!!!

  5. Congratulations! I missed the first 80 or so, but I’ll be sure to be around for the next 100. 😉

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