Anniversary Crab Cakes

Today is my Grandparents anniversary.  Can you imagine being married for 60 years?  They have given so much to my daughters and I, that I could never in a million years repay them.  They are the reason why I have such a beautiful place to live, that I can go to work each day, that I smile at least once a day.

So, I made them crab cakes.  I don’t eat crab and have never made crab cakes before, so I cracked open my Paula Deen cookbook and figured Savannah Crab Cakes, they’ve gotta be good.

Think they turned out pretty good.  Hope so.  It’s such a little thing to do in the scheme of things, but I enjoyed every minute of it.  Even when I broke out in a rash and realized I must be allergic to crab.  Go figure?








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2 responses to “Anniversary Crab Cakes

  1. That is so sweet, I love when I hear about a couple that has been together that long. It reminds you that there is true love out there! My Grandparent’s were married for over 50 years, I remember we had a 50th anniv. party for them. But, I can’t remember how long exactly. I’m bad at that kind of stuff. My Grandpa just passed away this year. They were a great example for everyone. Those crab cakes look gooooood!!

  2. *L* And you’re allergic to boot. I’m sure they loved them! And what a HUGE milestone. My grandparents are at 64 or so now. I’m in awe.

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