First Week of Work

Thank you, thank you to everyone who emailed, commented or twittered me asking me how my first week of work went.

I am so glad to report that it went just fine.

The people I work with are down to earth, kind and best of all a lot of fun.  It’s a small credit union so there are only seven of us all together.  

They even tried to call my cell phone on Friday after I left for lunch to remind me I had an extra fifteen minutes for that day.

The other thing about it being a small credit union is that all the employees know all the members.  Our head teller, who I have been shadowing all week, knows, who the member is and their account number before they even hit the window.  Usually,  she even knows what they are going to ask for.

Apparently we know and remark on who has had surgery, who is going through a horrible divorce, who’s son is getting married, who has their Christmas decorations up and along the way, we move their money, discreetly tell them how much they have and help old ladies figure out which bills they can pay.

A HUGE DIFFERENCE from where I came from (THE BIG BANKS) where you were lucky if we could finish your transaction before your allocated three minutes was up.

Seems I have not only a lot to learn about money handling and credit unions, but also about who is having surgery and who is who’s mother, brother, husband, son and who will laugh at you when you call them “sir”.



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4 responses to “First Week of Work

  1. YAY! I hope this means you can have a nice working environment that doesn’t add to your stress. Laid back sounds pretty nice right now.

  2. I’m so glad work is going well for you! It seems like a great addition to your life and not a stressful one!

  3. Oh that sounds like a great place to work if you’re going to have to get a job. 🙂 I love that atmosphere. It was the same type of thing when I worked at the gas station that I did. I loved the people and that is why I stayed there for almost 4 years.

  4. CP

    I’m so glad that the job is working out! 7 people must be a really nice size. I wish my credit union people knew my name when I came in the door…

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