Bed For A Corncob

This is how much I love my kids.  It’s a stupid question, but do you all get sidetracked by a million silly little requests from your kids?  Okay, I know,  RESOUNDING YES.

This is Boo’s corncob.  It’s a piece of Indian Corn we bought this fall and  shucked the pieces to put in a pretty glass jar for next year.  

I tried to put the corncobs in the compost, but tears erupted.  “You CAN’T throw Jeffrey away”!   Sorry?  Yes, Boo had befriended this little corncob and named him and was in no way going to let me throw him in the HORRORS! compost.

So Jeffrey has been going everywhere with us.  Yes, he came to the breakfast table, he rode in the car with us.  He travels up and down the stairs with Boo and at bedtime I was scolded for not having a bed to tuck Jeffrey in.


So very tired and about done in, I improvised, tucking Jeffrey into a sock and placing him on my bookshelf next to Boo, who was sleeping in my bed. (You KNOW there were going to be no corncobs in my bed, a mama has to draw the line somewhere).

Well, that wasn’t good enough.  

“He needs a pillow”, she says all sweetness peeking out of the covers.

So, next I grab a piece of polyester filling from my sewing supplies and give him a little pillow.

“That okay”?, I ask.

“Yes, thank you mommy”.

Kiss, kiss, hug, hug, try to make my way out the door.  Into the hallway.


“Yes, Boo”.

“Jefferey’s scared of the dark, can you turn the bathroom light on”.

Any guesses what I did?

So tell me, what silly things have you done for your kids?



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8 responses to “Bed For A Corncob

  1. alainashearer


    Last night I kissed a plastic BUZZ Light Year doll good night and wrapped a blanket around him. But this – THIS – takes the cake.

    A fricking piece of corn??? Hilarious!

  2. laurakim123

    Oh lol!!!! That takes the cake my friend!!!!

    I have done silly things but never made a bed for a CORN COB 🙂

  3. Recently we played guns and had a shootout like an old western. It was a quick draw. I had to die 8000 times before the game was through. I guess shooting ole’ dad once just wasn’t good enough for Cooper 🙂

  4. *LOL* The things kids befriend. That’s too funny.

  5. moonmumma

    He he he 🙂 I think that may be one of the strangest “friends” I’ve come across so far. My eldest was always the one for becoming attached to odd things. She’d give rocks and pieces of finger knitting names and make homes for them but Corn cobs, that’s funny!

  6. That is so cute! I remember having to tuck my toothbrush in every night as a kid. 🙂

    Tonight Maddie was “taking pictures” with the plastic camera from her Dora backpack and I had to pose alongside the 10 Little People she’d lined up on the coffee table. Needless to say I am 10,000 times their size. But we all said Cheese and apparently the pic turned out great. 😉

  7. I pretty much live in Silly Land for my little Bean — silly voices, silly names, silly games… it’s why I had a kid. But this? Pure genius.

  8. underthebigbluesky

    You guys are all so funny.

    Trey, I would never have the patience or the stamina to do that. You rock my friend!

    Carolyn, I already look 10,000 times bigger in photos, so I would never ever pose with little people. But I have taken pictures of little people, bears, dinosaurs, toy puppies and the like.

    moonmumma, yes! we have a rock that em’s has been keeping for sometime as a pet. It moved from our old house, to my mom’s for the summer and finally here. In fact we have all manner of rocks, sticks, feathers, etc, that are continually brought in.

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