A little more hectic than our “good day” yesterday.

It was still a good day.  It sleeted all early early morning and the dog took me for a glide down the driveway at 6:30 this morning.  The trees were absolutely beautiful.  At my sisters this afternoon, the ice was melting and the water was streaming down the tree trunk with the sun glistening on the little downward river.  I really must remember to take my camera with me everywhere.

No pictures as I was so busy putting the final touches on the Christmas things, mostly finishing Boo’s baby doll quilt. She is getting the most adorable Waldorf doll from Santa this year and a doll bed from me.  So I made this little quilt that coordinates a bit with her rainbow quilt for her own bed.  As this was the last chance I would have without her here before Christmas, it was imperative I finish.




Girls went to their Dad’s.  I dropped them off at his sister’s.  It’s been over two weeks and he is now back from his “trip”.  He’s being all kind and interested.  Think  he’s on his best behavior as the custody hearing is coming up in January.  Doubt his trip made any difference.  I don’t really get him, but oh well, not to ruin a good blog post

Snuggles on the couch for each of them and then up to bed.  No school for them tomorrow, but alas, I am off to work so they will be staying next door with Great-Grandmom and Grandpa.

Don’t know why I can’t seem to stop shooting pictures of this girl while she is asleep.  Maybe because it’s the only time she stops.




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3 responses to “Sunday

  1. ok.. i messed up, i didn’t realize the commenty thing had moved to the TOP of the posts and left my comment for this post on the previous… sorry :-/

  2. Love the quilt and I just love sleeping pictures. I have a bunch of my daughter. I need to really work on getting at least one of my little guy before he is out of the crib. 🙂

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