It’s two days before Christmas.  I just dropped my camera on the kitchen floor.  It is not working now.  Lens error over and over.  I know nothing about cameras.  I don’t know where my manual is.

How am I supposed to snap those pics of my beautiful babies our first Christmas here in our girly home?


Did I mention my ipod isn’t working either.

Somedays, I just wanna give up.  I need a man in the house.  One who can fix techie things.

Going to bed.



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3 responses to “$#@#*(#&)%$@(A*#@(@

  1. Everything in our house is breaking. Furnace, laptop, iPod, car, vacuum, and just yesterday, the DVD player.

    I had to go out into a blizzard to buy a new DVD player, because there’s no way we were going to get through this week without some Christmas movies!

  2. OH NO!!!

    One alternative – They make these single use digital recorders now, but that would be inferior quality and only give you 20 minutes. I saw them at CVS drug store.

    There something to all of this. Last night, as I was setting up my coffee maker, I dropped the glass coffee pot and it broke. Glass everywhere!

    It’s instant coffee for me this morning, at least until I get to work!

  3. Glad to hear you had a great Christmas, hope you have a happy and fantastic New Year’s celebration and New Year too!

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