Super Mama

Fixed the broken rocking chair.

One more point added for things I can do on my own.




Filed under single parenthood

4 responses to “Super Mama

  1. You rock! haha. Sorry, too lame. The holidays have sapped my brainpower.

    Really though, great job!

    The other day I shovelled our entire walk and driveway and cleared the snow off the huge hedge – typically my husband’s jobs. I was very proud of myself!

    Merry Christmas, belatedly. I hope you and the kids had a wonderful day!

  2. Go girl! I do the same thing. I have a husband, but he’s not home sometimes cause he works for the fire dept. So, when he’s gone it’s me fixing things, getting firewood, taking trash out, bla bla bla.. I feel so proud that I can run a house by myself!!! You too!!! Your girls are beautiful and it looks like you are doing an awesome job with them!!

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