Lists For A New Year

Things That Brought Me Happiness Today:


Sleeping under a big quilt and clean flannel sheets until 9 a.m.

Working for a bank and thus having New Year’s Day off with pay.

A hot cup of tea.

John Butler Trio filling the house with good vibes.

No lines at the grocery.

The old man and his dog sitting side by side in the pickup truck behind me at the traffic light.

A redhead asleep on her great-grandfather’s lap.

A brand new camera, and a brand new camera manual.

Watching the Clydesdales and the donkeys walking up from the field at dusk.

Apples, Bananas and a big bowl of beautiful Clementines.




Things That Are Driving Me Crazy:

The pile up of stuff in all of our rooms.  New year and time to clean out, simplify and organize.

That New Year’s always comes and I’m never ready for Boo’s birthday on Jan 3rd.


Two girls whose schedules are all out of wack from going out for New Years Eve.

My father stopping over in the midst and proceeding to tell me I’m too impatient and when am I going to go back to school while I’m doing about four hundred things at once.  Thanks for that.

My little Boo, sitting on my lap asking me to please make her tummy stop hurting and not being able to.


Goals For a New Year:

1.  Start eating  healthier again.    100_4532

2. Start doing yoga again.

3. Hit another 30 Etsy sales.

4. Find a free or very cheap activity I can do to make some new friends and get out of the house every month or two.

5.  Spend at least 15 minutes each day giving each of my girls my full attention.

6.  Budgeting, simplifying and seeing how much less we need.

7. Continuing to try to decrease the amount of trash that leaves the house unrecycled.

8. Become officially divorced.


Follow this mantra:

“It’s when you cry just a little, but you laugh in the middle, that you’ve made it.”  

 –Courtesy of Jason Mraz, “Tonight, Not Again”



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3 responses to “Lists For A New Year

  1. laurakim123

    Love these lists! I SOOO get you about the stuff piling up – we have it here too! Drives me MAD!!

    GOOD LUCK with the goals!!!

  2. Love that you did this list style. Perfect. And I love your to do list. I could almost write the same for myself. I especially like 4 & 5.

  3. ahh yes, the sexy poet Jason Mraz strikes again!

    i need a cheap mommy activity too, let me know what you find out. does blogging count? no? i guess not, it can turn me into a hermit sometimes… like now 🙂

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