Boo’s Birthday

Her idea of a birthday was to have a party at Chucky Cheese.  Since we couldn’t afford that, she settled for a lunch at Chucky Cheese with Mama and Em’s.  It wasn’t so bad.  My stomach, thankfully was feeling better.  We got there early before the party crowd hit.  The girls were well behaved.  They had 78 tokens each to spend (thank you online coupons) and unbelievably it took them three hours to work through them.  By then the place was getting mad, the throngs of kids were pushing my personal comfort zone and the girls were starting to crash, so we left while the getting was good.















We had homemade spaghetti and meatballs and macaroni and cheese, her requests for dinner and she opened one gift.  Her doll clothes set.  

She pushed my buttons one bit with the “only one present” crack, but I tried to explain to her we were having a party next weekend.  C’mon does she think The Cheese is free?


Em’s and I took her an ice cream cone with a candle in it and sang her Happy Birthday.  The party will bring her a homemade chocolate cake and a lot of family celebration.

It’s her do anything day.  She calls the shots and really she went pretty easy on me. Although it’s 10:30 p.m. and she’s still up. “Mama, it’s MY BIRTHDAY and you told me I could do anything, so I’m going to stay up till midnight”.  We’ll see how long she lasts.

Pretty good day.  She seemed pretty content.  I think we’re still dragging a bit from this darn sickness that brought us down this week.  And to me, it felt odd to be sitting around the table tonight celebrating her birthday just the three of us.  Strange that after Thanksgiving and Christmas, it would be her birthday that would make me miss  having a “male presence” in the room.


Oh and P.S.

Some serious don’ts for your future visits to Chucky Cheese.  DON’T let your child hog the games putting in 50 tokens on end and creating a backlog.  DON’T leave your children to find the kind Mama and attach themselves to her side as a surrogate and DEAR God, DON’T decide to wear a severely threadworn sweater with no bra underneath.  I really don’t need to see that, my stomach’s been uneasy.



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6 responses to “Boo’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to your little girl!!!!

    LOL how long did she stay up?

  2. You are a brave soul. Chucky Cheese scares the beegeebers out of me; way too much chaos.

    Sounds like your Boo had a great birthday. She’s lucky to have such a wonderful mom!

  3. I’m with Totally Consumed. I will go to Chuck E. Cheese, but after checking first to make sure the one I’m going to sells beer. That’s the only way I can stand it.

    Glad she had a great day! I’m eager to hear if she made it ’til midnight.

  4. We don’t have a Chuck E. Cheese here, but we have something similar called Peter Piper Pizza. The restaurant here is smaller than the ones in the Phoenix area, and the games are often out of order. Especially the ones I like – Skeeball and basketball. >:-|

    My daughter’s b-day is January 31st, so I think we are going to try to have it at a park this time. Hope it doesn’t rain!

  5. *L* You’re PS is why I don’t typically EVER venture close to Chuck E Cheese’s

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful birthday girl.

    Sorry about the “one gift” comment. I understand. It’s part of what got to me about Christmas. You know they don’t quite get it all, but at the same time there still is a sting.

    That doll is beautiful and so is the outfit.

  6. oh my gosh. scary sweater boobie lady was at my chuck e cheese! man, she gets around!

    i am so glad you all had a nice little birthday bash. my sons birthday is coming up and i think we will be doing something similar. i’m hoping i can get everyone on board for a family hike and a picnic (can anyone say FREE!) we’ll see 🙂

    ok, i slowed down over holiday and now i’m playing catch up in case you didn’t notice. goodness girl, you’ve been writing a lot!

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