Two Reasons I Love My Mother

1. She called me yesterday about 20 minutes after my meltdown about the girls leaving.  I completely believe she has this cosmic connection where she knows when I need picked up.

2.  These.  It’s a collection of Trixie Belden books.  She read the originals growing up, as did my sister and I, oh and about every other female in our family.  They ran starting in 1948 as girl detective novels and what is great about them is that Trixie is just a regualar tomboy, not hoity toity like Ms. Nancy Drew.

When they were reissued in hardback my Mom started collecting them for me for Christmas and my birthday.  They were given a special spot on my bookshelf with my collected hardback Harry Potter books.

When I left my husband, he took them, my beloved books, because he was mad about me also taking our computer.  When I cursed him about it, he told me he took them because he knew how much I loved them.  I can only imagine now they are gone, since he doesn’t seem to have a place of residence.



So at Christmastime, I opened a very heavy box, with my Mom pleading with me to not cry.  Here is what I found.  She’s still on the lookout for #11 and #12.  Needless to say I did cry.  But not because I was upset.  Because I have an absolutely fantastic Mother, who continues to astound me with how much she cares for me.



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9 responses to “Two Reasons I Love My Mother

  1. Wow. This is beautiful. I don’t have a very good relationship with my mother and this definitely made me tear up.

  2. laurakim123

    That is so special!!!! I would have cried too!!!!

    Moms can be super special hey!!

  3. Awww! I want to cry for you. What an amazing Momma!

  4. Is it OK if I call him an asshole for deliberately hurting you like that? Hang on to your mom- she’s a keeper!

  5. How cruel to take something solely because it meant something to you!

    But how totally wonderful of your mom! That made me tear up, too. 🙂

  6. Your mom is awesome! My Ex took most of my DVD’s (I used to be a film student back in the day) and my daughter’s DVD’s. All that stuff is with his parents, but the family collectively refuses to return them. Thankfully I have amazing friends and family.

    For Christmas a big box from my older brother arrived in the mail and it was the last of the little leopard’s DVDs.

    I think single mom Christmases are way better than when I was married. Hope the same went for you!

  7. oohh this brought tears to my eyes. what a great mom! and might i add what as A** hole your ex is? please can i? WOO HOO

    He’s an A** HOLE for doing that! who steals books? really? He’s a criminal i tell ya.

    i am so glad you have your beloved books back. although i LOVE nancy drew, i’ll let you bash her just this once 🙂

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