Getting A Jump On The Weekend

Em’s put the finishing touches on her map due to school Monday.  “Singing City”  boasts a restaurant, a school, two parks, a dance studio, a beauty salon, an airport, a railroad and a river.



And I started these cute little clues for the weekend.  The girl’s cousins are coming this weekend for a sleepover, post-birthday style.  Boo wanted a pinata, so I’ve been trying to come up with ideas other than gobs of candy and obnoxious plastic toys falling from the sky, and think I came up with a solution.  You’ll have to wait for the weekend to see the whole thing.





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4 responses to “Getting A Jump On The Weekend

  1. How creative! I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

  2. Can’t wait to see what you planned. What a cute map!

  3. hope it all goes well! Oh by the way, i talked about you on my blog post today. Horrible, scary private details!!!! No, i’m kidding 🙂 i’d never do that, but head over cause there’s some Jason Mraz love awaiting you 🙂

    i wish you a fabulous weekend full of family, love, and fun.

    and remember “Life is wonderful”

  4. Interested in the pinata. After a few years in California, my girls always want one, of course you can’t get them here. You have to make them!

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