A New Take On The Pinata

More on the party itself tomorrow, I’m off to make pancakes this morning for four hungry girls.

I hinted about what I did with the pinata and it turned out to be a huge success.  It looks like it might be some work, but honestly it wasn’t.  We turned it into a scavenger hunt rather than just a bunch of toys and candy falling from the sky.

Here’s what I did:

Assigned each child a color.


Cut five strips of paper in that color.  Printed five clues for that child to help them find their hidden goody bag.  For example Boo’s bag was in the dryer.

-open a door.

-makes a tumble, tumble noise

-smells good and is warm in here

-another door to open to get inside.

-clothes come in me wet and come out of me dry.

Rolled the clues and tied them with leftover ribbon.




Stuffed some craft flowers in the pinata with the clues to make it pretty when they fell out.

Took some ordinary white craft bags.  Cut out corresponding colored hearts.  Printed out their names, glued them on to the bags.  Cut a whole in each side and tied with matching ribbon.  Hid them in their prospective spots.













Then set the girls to whacking.  They didn’t want a pull string pinata…too easy.  Sent them to their four corners in the basement so no one would get whacked.  It took about eight rounds (and a little help from me) before my oldest neice broke it.  They gathered up their clues, came upstairs and read them and took off.  I made the clues pretty easy, so it only took about five to ten minutes for them to find them.












So, I bought the pinata.  The bags, paper, ribbons, flowers and candy (choclates leftover from Christmas and Pixie Stix leftover from Halloween, and blowers (leftover from a different party),  I all had on hand.  The only other thing I bought was a pack of four small playing cards to add to the bags, which cost me $2.47 at Walmart.  

And they didn’t miss the gobs of loot.  Success!



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8 responses to “A New Take On The Pinata

  1. laurakim123

    What a super super idea!! I LOVE IT!

  2. That’s a fantastic idea!

  3. Bex

    Absolute BRILLIANCE!! XXxx

  4. That is a CUTE idea!!!

  5. My gosh, any single mom who has the time/energy/wits to do such an incredibly creative idea… let’s just say that I bow down to you!

  6. You rock crafty mama! Pinatas and scavenger hunts are the absolute best!

  7. That is such an awesome idea for the pinata!!

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