Boo’s Birthday Apron

Here’s the apron I made for Boo for her birthday.  It’s the first one since I made a really choppy one for Em’s when she was two.  Have to say I’m pretty pleased and I absolutely ADORE this fabric.  I didn’t follow a pattern, so I think of it as a success and when she put it on here she said, “Mommy, did you make this”? and I said, “Yes, just for you” and she said, “I love you so much”.  So that made it quite worth it.



I sewed a pocket and matching buttons on the front.




And it’s completely reversible.  Yeah!



I had hoped to have some new things in the Etsy shop for Valentine’s Day, but I’m still catching up, and organizing the house after the holidays is a major priority right now, but hopefully you’ll see something there soon.



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8 responses to “Boo’s Birthday Apron

  1. I love the fabrics you used – so pretty

  2. VERY cute and I love the fabric too! 🙂

  3. Liz

    WAY too cute hon!

  4. YOU are amazing. I love this.

  5. I don’t know how you do it… where do you find the time (and energy) to be so creative and crafty? I can just barely keep up with dirty dishes!

    Very cute!

  6. laurakim123

    That is so super cute!!

  7. Super cute! I love that my boys get so excited about gifts that I make them. I know they’ll outgrow that all too soon but for now it’s so much fun!

  8. ooooohhh pretty fabric! i love the cute model showing it off too!

    i really should get an apron, i cook like a train wreck, really, it’s scary!

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