January 15th

So here we are at January 15th and I sit here with no changes being made. 

1.  The Christmas tree is still up in the living room, but still has needles upon it.

2.  My current sewing projects sit untouched in the corner.

3. The girls rooms remain a mish mosh of assorted parts and pieces with books and dolls and little tidbits, falling about everywhere.

4. My room continues to look “unfinished” and bland.

5.  My filing from my old household still sits in three brown paper bags waiting for a good clean out and a neat filing space.

6.  Not one yoga stretch has been done.

7.  Though the kids are eating well, my diet continues to be “rubbish”.

8.  The girls continue to sleep in my bed every night.  I’ve been relegated to Boo’s bed and it’s really, really comfortable, but still.

Though there have been some accomplishments.  I hung up some beautiful Etsy prints from Hide N Seek  in the hallway.  My dining room curtains are up, FINALLY. The downstairs is relatively organized, thanks to some 20 minute speed cleaning episodes on the weekend.

And I have managed a wake me up shower every morning and managed to get to bed on time every night this week.

The organization upstairs has to be a priority this weekend.  Just so I feel better walking around up there.  

There is that term out there that I despise, WORK/LIFE BALANCE. I never can seem to achieve it.

This week I’ve been cranky, irritable and short-tempered with the girls. There may be some other reasons for this, wink, wink, but I think I really need to sit down and work out some priorities and some organization.

You know schedules and lists and calendars and stuff.  Yuck! I am so not that person, but for sanity’s sake, I think it’s something I must strive for.

In the midst of it all comes the one thing though that I have done this New Year which was spend more time with each of my girls and so far we are managing that quite well.



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4 responses to “January 15th

  1. We moved in to our house two years ago (amost to the day) and my room is still bare-walled. I have paintings to be hung that are just sort of leaning up against the wall on the floor.

    Also, my daugther has been co-sleeping in my bed with me since we moved. She has slept in her room a total of two times since. I am not sure how I will ever get her to go to her own room. I have fixed her room all up, and had bought a new bed with the move. I have been told that this is just a phase and she will want to go to her own room at some point, but that has yet to happen.

    I must admit that I feel she’s safer with me in my room than she would be in her own room. So, I sleep a little better at night knowing where she is.

  2. I feel you. I slept through my alarm yesterday. Last night the power went off and my alarm reset. I’ve left dishes in the sink for the last 2 days. I’ve yelled at LB every night after 2 hours of ushering her back to bed. My wii Fit said I’d gained a pound in 12 days.

    *sigh* We’ll be ok, I think.

  3. syd

    This is why I love blogging and following blogs – I can SO RELATE. I am right there with you – on all points. Hang in there mama, things are going to get easier for us, I feel it.

  4. never balance always 40/60 70/30 and its okay. hope you find your groove soon.

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