Wild Life

How I got so lucky to have TWO Friday nights alone in one month is beyond me, but I am SO not complaining.

My mama has the girls for an overnight and they sounded so happy when they called it made my heart warm so. They were giggling, and talking and planning and having the best time ever.

So I went out and tore up the town huh?

Remember that work/life balance thing I talked about down there below?

This is what I, the hermit, did.  


Bowl of fresh tortellini with sausage and spinach, a bottle of Merlot, a comfy quilt, and “The Darjeeling Limited” which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone if you like quirky.  I most enjoyed it.

Sometimes your soul is just screaming out for peace and quiet and mine is now satisfied….somewhat.

Now it’s 8:24 a.m., I’ve had a bit of a lie in and the first thing to tackle after a nice cuppa tea is that darn Christmas tree.




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5 responses to “Wild Life

  1. sounds good sister! I have that movie to watch still.

  2. Sounds wonderful to me! It’s so rare that I get a night to myself that I’m always torn between whether to spend it with a special grownup friend or just sitting and enjoying the silence. Two in one month though…now that’s just amazing!

  3. Great movie. I have to say, I would have chosen much the same if I had a night off as well.

    Did you get the tree taken down?

  4. oohh man, i’m jealous. Does your mom want to watch mine for an hour, i think my hubby would enjoy it if i took a shower this month (maybe)

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