Bonus MonDay

Has been spent wading through the absolute heinous nightmare of my children’s rooms.  ACKKK!  There is so much #@($#@#*($@ up there I think it was a horrible idea to think I could tackle it in one day.  I am up to a rectangular laundry basket full of small, annoying, horrible plastic, McDonald’s toys, birthday party favors, Polly Pockets, plastic fairies and My Little Ponies, pencil grippers (I will kill whoever invented these), toy necklaces, rings, you name it.


Then there is the toy jewelry box.  The box of crayons, pencils, markers etc.  The dress up box(es).  

Boo’s room is about done.  That girl will stuff a wallet, put it into a small purse filled with more STUFF, then put in a bigger purse with MORE STUFF, then put it in a duffel bag WITH MORE STUFF.

The amount of STUFF in this house is driving me insane and had I had more notice, I would have done all this prior to our move.  So in the interest of my sanity.  Some of this STUFF is destined to the trash, other of this STUFF is destined to a new loving home, and the STUFF that is cutting it on my keep list is finding an organized new home.


The girls may be sad to see things go, or not actually see, but realize one day in the near future, it is no longer there, as Boo will not part with anything not even the plastic packaging that toys come in, or did I mention I found a piece of cardboard lovingly tucked in her closet?  She is still pining for the Fisher Price Little People set that I Freecycled before Christmas two years ago, that  I think she played with for 10 minutes intervals about four times that year.

In all honesty, I am quite happy with what we have acquired since the move. It’s actually the dregs from our former life that are clogging up the works.


So enough complaining.  I’ll sign off here with a picture of the two lovely collages I finished for my living room.  The Christmas Village is away (along with the Christmas tree, YAY, it was nice while it was here), so my rooms downstairs are returning to normal.  I made these collages with pictures cut from two Artful Blogging magazines, so thanks to all the amazing bloggers who shared their creative endeavors in print form so that I could decorate my home and inspire myself.  Because hopefully, at some point, I will start creating again.



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4 responses to “Bonus MonDay

  1. Oh my goodness. I recently went through M.’s room and got rid of tons of plastic junk. Of course, like you, I had to do it when she was not there. Things she has never played with suddenly become fascinating when she thinks some (gulp) other kid might be getting them.

    The collages are pretty!

  2. Oh I love collages. Especially inspiring ones. 🙂

    I hate plastic junk too. Every few months the axe comes down around here.

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  4. Your Boo sounds like my Isabel.

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