Christmas Revisited

Just picked up the photos taken with my disposable this Christmas.  Only a fool like me breaks her camera two days before Christmas.  I am so pleased how they turned out.  I have to say I was concerned how the girls and I all would take our first Christmas as a split family.

In reality, it was one of my best Christmas’ ever and I have to say it was because I got to spend so much of it with my fantastic family and really they are what made this Christmas what it was.  I didn’t have time to feel lonely because of the warmth and happiness the girls, my grandparents, my Dad, my Mama and Stepdad and my sister and brother sent my way.

I have posted the pictures on my Flickr account here.

This is my favorite photo.  My mother or my brother need to fill me in on what the three of them were thinking about, because I don’t remember, but whatever it was, it looks pretty meaningful.




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3 responses to “Christmas Revisited

  1. So glad to hear that you had a lovely Christmas. Creating happy times and happy memories with loved ones is what it’s all about.

  2. LOVE this picture! reminds me of holidays gone by….

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