Saturday 1.24.09

Sorry I couldn’t come up with a more original title.  

The wonderful part of having the world’s kindest grandparents living next door is that not only did they care for “down with the flu” Boo all Friday while I was at work, but also kept her overnight.

It felt weird to leave her there, ill, but I knew she was in more than capable hands and she is back with me today, the “Dad” who continues his wonderful case for custody, was a no call-no show again today.  


 So Ems and I stayed up late last night in my bed, her watching The Incredibles in a blue cotton t-shirt of mine and me next to her finishing up “The Tree Sitter”.

I lost my wallet last weekend.  The last remembered place was the movie theatre where the girls and I saw “Hotel For Dogs” which turned out to be very, good.  I despise though the fact that I sit there as a grown woman between two small children crying over a movie like this.  I am pretty pitiful.

So gone is my license, my social security card, all our library cards, my debit card, and my grocery cards….oh yeah and about $180 cash that was to go into my other bank account.

Such is my life.

So Ems and I trekked to the MVA today, discussing the accomplishments of Obama these first few days.  Then off to the library for new cards and a few books and movies for Boo, including our absolute favorite, The Runaway Dinner by Allan Ahlberg, which I beg you to read!  Then off to the tea shop to replenish my supply of English Breakfast and Earl Grey Creme, landing finally at the grocery for ibuprofen and Sprite for the little one.  It was a lovely time just the two of us, which seems to rarely happen anymore.

For blah days there is nothing better to me than baking, so I worked on these loaves of white bread, my best ever.  I am gradually trying to become a better breadmaker, warming the yeast, kneading the dough, watching it rise under the cloth and the warmth and smell that fills the kitchen.  I sent Ems next door with a loaf, poor repayment, but….



Boo felt a little better and then even got herself up and about to care for her own baby, changing her diaper and her clothes and wrapping her in a blanket to come downstairs and sit with us to read books.  After a time her strength was sapped, so I ended up caring for baby.  It’s up and down today, but much better than yesterday.


So I should be continuing on my path of organization that I started last weekend, finishing the girls rooms, starting mine, but somehow I lack the energy, stamina or willpower.  Maybe tomorrow.

Boo’s calling me to snuggle her on the couch, so again, everything else must wait……



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2 responses to “Saturday 1.24.09

  1. Oh that sounds lovely. Well, not your wallet being lost, but the rest. I really need to start baking bread again. It’s been almost a year, I think. Yikes. Have a lovely remainder of the weekend!

  2. Yes, strangely I have a craving for home made bread… hmmm.

    Don’t worry about crying at the theater. I just took Felicia to see Inkheart today, and I struggled not to cry at one scene in the movie. Let’s just say it was a mother-daughter moment. I’m such a dork sometimes.

    I hope Boo is feeling better. Bless her heart!

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