New Books, Farm List and A Random Thought.

I have an hour for lunch on Friday’s and with not much to do am heading to library on a weekly basis, so you will see the girls and my book pages getting updated on a weekly basis.  You’ll also see that I have started listing the illustrators on the children’s books because so often it’s the pictures that so much make the book, even more so than the words.

When I’m not obsessing over “Eclipse”, damn that Stephanie Meyer, I am currently reading a book by Gene Baur called “Farm Sanctuary”.  Gene started the Farm Sanctuary after a sheep left for dead on a large farm, raised her head and looked at him.


 If you’ve been reading my blog you know about my search for natural and local foods.  I’ll start out by saying  I became a vegetarian for three years after passing the same cows standing by the road each day on my way to work and this was a small, local, family farm, with blue skies, green fields and a running stream. (I have a great and endearing story about my ex husband and this cow, but that is for another post).  I have always had a fondness for bovines. I think it’s their eyes.  But, then I have a fondness for beef too.  In fact, my vegetarian streak was ended by  my pregnancy with Ems.  I had insisted to my doctor I would maintain my strict vegetarian diet throughout my pregnancy then kabow, my husband came home one night to a full blow turkey dinner, then a cheesesteak.

So I have had to come terms with my love for these and all animals and my love of cooking and eating.  To help with this I researched and found a lovely family farm less than 1o minutes from here that raises beef, poultry and pork in a natural environment using humane methods.  No antibiotics, no hormones, no scary feed, no scarier cages.  Add about 10 farm kittens the girls begged me for all summer, a family that loves what they do and loves to share it with us, and fresh, local, cheese, butter, eggs and honey and I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot.

Down the road is another farm that makes their own ice cream and we LOVE it in the summer, we fetch our favorites from a rotating mix of flavors and then the girls hit the playground next to the shop and I head up to visit the calves.  There I can get my fill of their sweet bovine softness, their soulful eyes and their tongues wrapping up and down my arms. The last trip before the winter, the girls and I got to bottle feed one of them and yes, it took all three of us, what a hungry girl.

The girls have learned a lot this way as well.  They know the differences between organic and no-organic food.  They see the faces behind their food instead of a blank plastic package, so that when Ems says “I had a chicken arm for dinner” or “our dinner came from a pig, Boo” she knows exactly what she is talking about.  Ems hates chicken and pork, minus the odd “chicken arm”, I still cannot even swallow meat with a bone in it or any type of skin or fat, and Boo will gnaw a chicken leg down to the bone.  We are an odd bunch.   Vegetarianism may lay in my future again someday, but for know we know where our food comes from and to me that matters.  

I try not to preach too much, but I do urge you to check out your local options at Local Harvest, read more about industrialized farming and introduce your kids to a cow or two.

So my random thought today:

With Boo feeling better with antibiotics for this sinus infection that has plagued her for a week, the girls and I headed to their elementary school for BINGO night.  Ems quickly ran to play with two of her favorite friends and Boo and I got her cards ready.

I look up and I see a girl I know.  Then I realize from where.  She was one of the older girls in a summer Theatre Camp I taught while I was in college.  She looks exactly the same.  She and another girl used to love to hang out with my friend Anthony and I, two of the cool teachers from the college.

Wow, then I look and see she is walking with her son!!!!!!!!!!!!!   AAAGGHHH!  Sudden realization that I am old and that summer was fifteen years ago.




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5 responses to “New Books, Farm List and A Random Thought.

  1. Yes, time flies, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. Just give us another 10-15 years and then we’ll be seeing grandchildren- aghhhh!

  3. will this thing let me put link in here? Let’s try:

    maybe that worked, i don’t know 🙂 OK this is a post i did about my own veggie conflict. I HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR! now that we moved i am thrilled with the organic options here!! Yippy!

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