Back to Basics Sunday

A couple of people at work started the Atkins diet last week, and as the extra baggage I collected over the holidays weighed heavy on me, I said, Okay I’ll try it.  So I made it three days because…..

A.  I don’t eat that much meat to begin with.

B.  My body started to turn against me  with a “what the hell are you doing lady” attitude.

C.  I love bread, pasta and potatoes waaaaay too much!

So, I still need to lose some of this weight, but I found another way……right here…..


I spent this morning going through my bookmarks.  Whenever, I blogroll my links on the side there, I always come across five or ten new blogs that I want to read so I book mark them under Blogs-Other.  So today, I went back through and added some to the sidebar.  Among them are some really inspiring quilting blogs which made me pull these out.  Three quilts in various stages, my father’s Christmas quilt, Boo’s rainbow quilt I started this summer (see how behind I am) and a new doll quilt I’m  hoping to get on Etsy.  It’s the first time I’ve worked a shaggy block.


So I am swearing to myself that I am work a little on them today.  I cannot seem to balance this reorganization of the house along with my love of winter baking and cooking and my sewing.    Most days I just stand in the middle of the room with my hands on my hips saying “hmmmmm”.

And just a last quick note, Boo is finally back to normal, thanks to the miracle of Amoxicillan.



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  1. syd

    I personally wonder if ‘balance’ is ever really possible. Maybe working toward balance is the journey that we ought to just enjoy.

    Looking at the pictures of your fresh produce and quilts in-process and your happy daughter make *me* feel happy.


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