The Cow Story

Back here, I told you I had an endearing story about my soon to be ex-husband and my favorite cow.  Well, here it is.  I’m getting worn down by all the anger at him.  So just for tonight I’m going to reflect on a happier time, because there were some of those.  And I am working this week on letting the anger go.

I had a favorite cow.  The one who inspired me to become a vegetarian.  It lived on a farm that I drove past everyday on my forty minute commute to work and back.  When I say a favorite cow, I mean one of many as I’m sure it was not the same one I saw everyday.

I told my husband about the cows that stood by the fence and stared at me as I drove past.  Of course, he was to be greatly impacted as a meat eater at my decision to become a vegetarian.

My husband put a plan into action.  First he, called his best friend at the time.  They were sous-chef’s together and had worked in the same restaurant since they were sixteen.  They hatched the plan together.

They drove to the farm.  They went to the door and my husband and his friend told the farmer that they were taking a photography class at our local college and would like to photograph their cows.  The farmer excited, showed them all around the farm, introducing them to all the animals and their family.  I think a swimming donkey might have been involved, but my memory fails me.  They did not share my love of farms and found this quite uninteresting.

Then they headed off  into the field with warnings to watch the bull (husband didn’t and was chased) and the electric fence (best friend didn’t and got a minor electrical shock).  

What they ended up with was a beautiful shot of a very lovely brown cow standing in a grassy field.

The photo was enlarged and place in a frame he handmade for me and presented to me on my birthday.

As of this moment.  I do not know if I still have the picture.  The frame was beat up and destroyed long ago.  This week as I  sift through what’s left of my belongings from my old home in the basement I will look.

There are times I have to stop and remember that there was a reason I fell in love with him.  Even though those days are long gone and never to be had again.  Bitterness is a difficult pill.  Better to have a few moments to hold onto, to validate eleven years.  Like this one….





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2 responses to “The Cow Story

  1. I think looking for the good is a really positive step towards healing, as is looking for happy memories. Your daughters will benefit from you doing this. You both are their parents and the sooner you can mourn and heal the better they will feel. I know you have no control over his process, but you do your own.

    Maybe you will find a glimmer of undying love that will help get you through your daughter’s childhood.

    Be well. Be at peace. Bridge.

  2. Really wonderful story. As Bridge said, these are good healing steps. You should be proud of yourself.

    The part that made me smile the biggest,
    “I had a favorite cow. The one who inspired me to become a vegetarian.”

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