Things Learned and Left Undone

So, I made it.  I cheated slightly.  I read emails and blogstats at work and responded to a few people , but overall I didn’t waste hours on end  here in front of this machine.

I have to say though I missed it, and all of you.  Sitting here today with a cuppa tea felt familiar and well…..nice.  I only made it halfway through the blogroll, but my bedroom is still in  a state of disarray and though I have called the girls THREE TIMES to come back downstairs and clean up their lunches, they continue to pretend they don’t hear.

Some things I learned:

1.  I have missed my favorite  funky mix of buddhist and taoist readings.

2. Ems thinks the meals at school are “horrible” and “shouldn’t even be allowed to be called food”.

3. I will let myself off the hook a little about being perfect natural mama.

4. Yoga hurts when you’ve been out of practice.

5. A three day diet will put you smack in the middle of carb attack meltdown.

6. I need to move one of those big dumpster thingys into the yard, making it easier for me to just chuck everything out the window.

7.  Sleep is a lovely thing when you are getting enough of it.

8. It still hurts when someone you loved calls you horrible four and five letter names that should never be uttered at all, let alone on the phone even when you know it’s complete crap.

9. Ice sucks.  Especially when you are taking a big glass jar of compost outside.

10. Spring sometimes seems like it will never come back.

11. Demetri Martin is one of the funniest comics I have ever heard.  Just watch this,it kept me entertained while I cleaned out my bedroom.

12.  All my old friends I used to work with are on Facebook.

13. Checklists are good for small children and are much more fun with dry-erase markers.


14.  The site of Boo skipping can brighten any day.

15. Progresso soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, though not my favorite, remind me of Sunday’s growing up. 

And lastly, you’ll  never get it all done, just give it up and enjoy.



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2 responses to “Things Learned and Left Undone

  1. I am so copying your checklist board! although the baby cannot read!
    hugs to you in this journey of being gentle to yourself.

  2. i need a dry erase board like that! wouldn’t it be great if your day consisted of “get dressed” “brush teeth” “take a bath” Man, they got it tough!!!

    and yes, could you please pass the giant dumpster over to my house when your done. i can’t imagine the room i would have if i threw away all the crap i hold on to for NO reason.

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