Can’t Stop Thinking….

About fresh herbs.  I had a nice well developed herb garden at my old house.  Whenever I needed something I ran out and pinched it.  I went to buy herbs at the store last week and almost fell over from sticker shock.

It’s February 10th, almost time for planting to begin……



Happy Things:

The promise of spring and it’s message of rebirth.

Mother’s who call because it’s visitation day.

The sound of a whistling teapot.

New pillows.

Wee ones asleep.



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3 responses to “Can’t Stop Thinking….

  1. syd

    Me too. I didn’t even look at my herb/vegetable garden last year, I was too busy to even visit it. But we went outside last weekend, and there are some determined little herbs starting to come up green again (mint of course, thyme, lavendar) and the rest I’ll just have to start again. But I’ll look forward to seeing the little green heads show themselves as they start coming up, YAY SPRING.

  2. your list of happy things made me smile.

  3. I admire you for planting herbs. I usually grow tomatoes, and I have a few grape vines. My kids and I love tomato/mozarella salads, and munching grapes in late summer.

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