School Matters

On Monday I manage to get home and squeak in 15 minutes of alone time before the girls get home from school.

Tonight was their “Dad’s night” but not having a place to go with them they ended up with me for the night.

A quick trip to the grocery and dinner and then it was turning to school matters.

  • Report cards, both more than successful and an award again for Ems this Friday.  Envelopes signed to be returned.
  • Field trip to the Baltimore Aquarium for Boo, permission slips and check written.
  • 100 pieces of bowtie pasta bagged up for Boo’s 100th day of school.
  • Van Goghish artwork by Em’s hung on the kitchen door.
  • Lunch accounts paid another 25.00 each.
  • A couple of mean kids knocked Boo over today on the playground, but her friend Angelina protected her and tucked Boo behind her.
  • $2.00 sent in yet another white envelope for Ems Valentine’s party.
  • 16 pieces of schoolwork sorted through and after girl’s go to bed, headed for the recycle bin.
  • Last four pieces of chocolate hearts taped to Boo’s Valentine’s after replenishing tape supply.
  • Homework reviewed, corrected and placed back neatly in school folders.
  • Scholastic book forms placed on table to be perused tomorrow for return by the 12th.

Just proving my need to stop, and take things piece by piece, step by step, moment by moment.  The amount of “things” coming out of the backpacks should be enough to stop me in my  tracks but, piece by piece we got there.

Lessons learned tonight:


1. The school is destroying WAY TOO many trees.

2.  Thank goodness we did the Valentine’s on Sunday.

3. The ex who cannot understand why he needs to pay child support, doesn’t realize I just paid out $70.00 this week for school items.

4. Even if you are only six years old, I will want with all my heart to beat you up for being mean to my girl on the playground.

4. If you are going to isolate yourself from and tick off your entire family who were to be your Supervisors for your visitation, wake up and realize it’s not the mother’s fault and PLEASE, do not tell your children at bedtime that it’s their mother’s fault when THEY CALL YOU because you only randomly call them.  

5.  Grandfathers are wonderful replacements for Mama’s who cannot take off work to attend award ceremonies.

6. Sometimes bath’s are forsaken for other pressing matters and no one should die or be shunned tomorrow.

7. No matter how angry and aggravated my girls get at me I can always win them over with my gigantic homemade cheeseburgers.

8. No matter how angry and aggravated I get at my girls, they can always win me over with a hug and an “I love you Mommy”.


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5 responses to “School Matters

  1. syd

    Oh I can relate I can relate I can relate. We’re doing Valentines right now, up past bedtime because I had to drag us all grocery shopping after work/school/daycare… and I should get back to it… but did I mention that I can relate? P.S. Baths are scarce around here some weeks, and I just try to remember that I have to prioritize and there’s no use in feeling defeated. It’s always good coming here to read, it’s like hearing myself think. Thanks. 😉

  2. Liz

    LOL….you have no idea how many times I detailed up the checks/cash sent in for “school stuff” and shoved it under the Dad’s nose!!!!!

  3. I’m really enjoying the style of your latest posts, not that I didn’t enjoy the others .. you know what I mean.

    The backpack is usually emptied by the time I get home and I know if it isn’t then the day probably didn’t go too well. Breaking out all these seemingly little things is such a nice display of life between the lines. Keep living it.

  4. #8 – Ain’t that the truth! 🙂

    Sorry about the daddy situation. He may grow up someday, but it’s messed up that you have to deal with his shenanigans in the meantime.

  5. first of all grrrr to the ex. seriously? he’s already being a poop-head? didn’t take long, sorry chick 😦

    ok, can i just say i HATE Scholastic book forms, they scare me. i am always afraid i am going to fill it out wrong and the book police are going to come to my house and take back my kids books. can’t they just keep all my information on file???

    shoot, a bath… i knew i forgot something this week.

    What’s that smell??


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