Love To My Sister

I mentioned here,  how when my husband and I split up  he took my favorite hardbound collections of books out of spite and for no love of his own just to hurt me.  Then I joyfully told you  how my mama presented me with one of the collections at Christmastime this year.

Well, in addition, my sister has been graciously rebuilding my other collection.  I have what is probably an obsessive love for the Harry Potter series.  I have read them through three times and have fond memories of texting back and forth with my sister through the Deathly Hallows finale.  I remember I was at work and received a text from her at lunchtime saying “…pg 64, crying….”   I have counted the number of times J.K Rowling mentions socks, listed the characters, the creatures, listened to podcasts, websites, music, read the books of John Granger and Travis Prinzi.  So when my hardback collection went, including the beginnings of my British editions I was heartbroken.  So many times I have reached for one, looking for that world I hold dearly and they were not there.  I have been yearning to read them through again now knowing the conclusion.

So my sister, wonderful as she is, has presented to me over the last two months these:



As a librarian, she spoils me by taking care of fines, grabbing new copies of my favorite books for me and collecting five out of the seven hardback Harry Potter donations to the library for me, plucking her money down for them.

It’s so nice to have family.



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4 responses to “Love To My Sister

  1. Aww, what a good sister. (And what a terrible ex…)

  2. Sisters can be the best.

    And as for HP? Don’t get me started on IloveHArryPottermorethanyou!!!!!

    J.K. Rowling: Genius. But I don’t know if I can ever forgive her for killing Fred… sniff…

  3. This post is so sweet. I just called my sister to ask about childcare… Sisters!!

  4. i still haven’t read them all (i know, i should be banished!) but you have to understand… after book three I was dealing with a lot. I had intended to finish them all. but i guess 3 was my limit. I really should finish, YUP. That’s it, I will. Next time my life is calm, and i have nothing to do I WILL finish!!

    Oh wait, that’s not gonna happen. OK I can buy them as audio book right???

    what a sweet sister you have 🙂

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