Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

Another one of those driving in the car moments.   This one started with a conversation about Abraham Lincoln’s birthday:

Me (interrupting):  If Abraham Lincoln was alive what would you get him for  his birthday?


Boo: I wouldn’t get him a present.  I would give him a party.  A big party.

Ems: I don’t know if it counts as a present, but I would give him car insurance.  Car insurance and flowers.

Boo: I would give him butterflies.  A party and butterflies in a jar.

Ems:  Butterflies don’t like to be in a jar.  Right Mommy?  

Me:  Yes,  butterflies like to be free to fly around.

Boo: (cross face)  Abraham Lincoln would like them in a jar.  They’d be pretty, and then he could let them go.

See, these are the meaningful conversations my children and I are having about President’s day.



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4 responses to “Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

  1. miranda

    Wow, this is perfect. Car insurance?? What a practical gift! I have to agree, as well, Abraham Lincoln might rather enjoy emancipating the butterflies himself. (Ok, lame joke..)

  2. underthebigbluesky

    Miranda-I was trying to come up with something witty like that, but just drew a blank. You are so funny!

  3. Oh this is the sweetest!

  4. in my house the mini-munchkin refers to him as “Amber-Land Leenkin”

    I am sure going to miss the funny pronunciations kids come up with.

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