The Pig?

Boo:  Can I get a weenie dog?  

Me: No, we aren’t getting any more dogs after Abby.

Boo:  Then can I have a squirrel?

Which then brings on the nonsense that has been going round my head for the last month about the possibility of Ems getting a guinea pig for her birthday which has been a topic of discussion this last year.  

I had wanted her to wait until she was 13 or 14.  Grandmama said that was too late and that was past “guinea pig craving age.  Militant Mama (me) calmed down and thought, okay maybe she’s right and maybe her eighth birthday would be the right time.  I mean she’s been cooing and carrying and feeding and caring for the cat here over the last few months.

So, I did some online research on guinea pigs.

They are a very kid friendly pet.  They are social animals.  They live from five to seven years and as long as ten.  They need a lot of space, but there are some great ideas for inexpensive pens.  They won’t have to be walked in the blistering chill or leave hair all over the downstairs. They probably also won’t chew up hula skirts and throw them up on the carpet.


There would be a definite cost in their upkeep as for food and bedding.  Mama would be doing the feeding/cleanup that Ems fails to do on top of our other two furry family members.  We have a cat and a dog, at least of which the cat would think guinea pig would be a fun toy if Em’s leaves guinea pigs out or door open.  The cage would take up a lot of space in Em’s room.

I’m thinking that maybe it is I, who is not ready for the guinea pig.  Or perhaps we should trade in the houdini escape artist dog and hula puking cat in for two little gentle fuzzballs.

Which then leads to the other question going through my head these last few weeks about what to get Ems for her eighth birthday?  She’s in this funny stage.  No longer little girl but not quite teen.  I’m going to stay away from the HORRIBLE word and all the accoutrements that go along with the word pre-teen.

She has craft projects galore, we have toys that are not being played with.  Books are always a good option, but then what else?

There is the hounding, hounding, hounding request for a Nintendo DS, that with the tax refund I could afford, but have a hard time when they already have so much on the computer they can play and besides that really would be a better gift for both the girls at Christmastime, if I can force myself to break down and do it.  They are smart, imaginative girls, I imagine that they would not become drooling zombies regardless of what images I create in my brain.

So give me your advice….guinea pig or no?

What great things are there out there to thrill an eight year old girl with a plastic toy hating mama?  

I know, I know, I really overthink these things.  I do.  



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6 responses to “The Pig?

  1. guinea pig huh? wow, we just had a similar conversation in my house 2 months ago, except I was the “8 year-old girl” and my hubby was “the reluctant mama”

    That’s funny to think of it that way 🙂

    I wanted a rabbit for the kids, i loved having bunnies growing up and i want them to have a pet other then a dog (don’t get me wrong i LOVE my puppies… i want more, i want a farm of animals actually, HEY that’s probably why my hubby won’t let me buy a house with tons of property attached, DANG!) Anyway… what was i talking about? Oh yeah, so we ended up getting fish? WHAT?! fish? you can’t snuggle with a fish, yes… i know.

    We (HIM) decided that the kids weren’t old enough for another furry friend (That’s CRAP!) So we agreed (NOT) on the fishies .

    My advice? you know your kids, you know what YOU can handle, go with your gut. Toys for an 8 year old? I LOVED my karaoke machine when i was 8, it was so fun at sleepovers. Good luck Chicky!

  2. We’ve had guinea pigs for the past 7 months or so and they are great. They aren’t too high maintenance and they are very sweet.

  3. I say do it. I had two guinea pigs and both around when I was 4th grade. My parents first had the cleaning but then after a while of being taught the right and wrong ways I was then given the job. They stayed in our laundry room, but were out of their cages a lot. When they get excited they tended to race, kicking out the bedding so the laundry room was best so that it was easier clean up. They have great personalities though and are super friendly. Our kitchen was next door to our laundry room and whenever we opened the fridge Beethoven would whistle. He knew that was where the carrots and lettuce were. I loved that guinea pig.

  4. Liz

    My answer is rats. Lilli had several and they’re the best pets we ever owned. Incredibly sweet and loving, infinately trainable, smart, clean and believe me, after the first encounter, the cat will not bother them.

  5. I have a 7-yr-old, so can’t comment. Though she wants a DS too, and I may get one just to help on the long flight to Calif. we are taking in a few weeks (!)

    You will get the guinea pig, otherwise you would not have researched it. I had a hamster when I was about 8, and loved it.

  6. Oh, I’ve been there in some ways. Funny, guinea pigs never featured with my daughter (the boys seem less inclined for some reason), it’s always been cats and dogs, and it’s only now I’m beginning to feel that I could. I do think they sound ideal.

    DS? Well, I think your idea of both of them getting one at Christmas is a much better idea. We gave in for our eldest guy’s tenth birthday and the fights! At least now both the older two have them they can play together. Except the next one down is feeling left out now… You will need to be strict about how much time they spend on it though!

    And I think ‘tweenies’ is a much nicer word for this age! 🙂

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